Becoming a Peer Mentor 

For students interested in further developing their analysis skills and helping new students tackle the challenges of working with data for the first time, we invite you to be a mentor.

Boy with Chart


Responsibilities include

1. Supporting students during class sessions.

2. Leading small group mentored meetings each week. 

3. Reviewing assignments

If interested, please e-mail


Here are a few reactions to the experience from former mentors......

"Being a mentor for QAC helped me to work on my data skills, but what I really enjoyed was the opportunity to work with students to hone their projects and figure out their vision. Helping guide them through the difficult project was where I felt my skills could best be utilized, and I not only gained a lot of valuable experience, but I had so much fun doing it. Interacting with students on this level was such a different experience than what I had ever had before, while keeping my skills sharp, and helping me to further my own understanding of data."

"One of the most valuable parts of my experience was to learn along side the student a new software and be able to help them understand concepts relating to statistics. When I took the course, I ran my analysis with SPSS, and last fall, while learning Stata, I was able to draw parallels between the two programs and appreciate their differences. Also, it was fun learning about the student's questions and their projects, answer their questions and guide them through the semester to the final poster presentation. I realize that at the end of the day, I understood better what an Anova or a Chi-squared test did, and the difference between a moderator and confounder because I explained it to another person."