Course Resources

Data Sets, Lecture Clips, Translated Code, Moodle, OLI & IBook

Data Sets


Students work with cutting-edge, de-identified data representing several different scientific disciplines. We provide data and supporting resources for studies that are publicly accessible through leading data archives (e.g. ICPSR), those that are made available by Wesleyan faculty (e.g. from grants funded by NSF, NIH, NIDA, etc.), and data sets from local non-profit community agencies. Descriptions of several of the data sets used in the course are available. See More

Lecture Clips


Whenever possible, we turn the classroom "upside down" by allowing students to listen to lectures at home and spend their time in the classroom engaged in active learning. We have made several lecture clips on such topics as the structure of a data set, common graphing mistakes, ANOVA, multiple regression, and others.  See More

Translating R, SAS, Stata and SPSS

We have also developed resources to help students perform basic data management and statistical tests across 4 major statistical software programs (R, SAS, Stata and SPSS).  See More

Open Learning Initiative


Rather than using a traditional textbook, this course provides multi-media "lessons" aimed at preparing students conceptually and technically for the various steps taken in completing their research project. Lessons are drawn from the Open Learning Initiative - Statistical Reasoning modules as on-line text, graphical slides with audio overlay, interactive exercises and self-assessments to gauge student understanding of the course material.


ibookWe recently developed an IBook to be used as a course resource by students.  Click here to view a pdf version.



moodleWe use Moodle as our Course Management System (CMS) allowing for a detailed and organized presentation of course resources. This site is now publicly accessible and contains additional materials in support of our inquiry-based, multidisciplinary, introductory curriculum.  Click here for access to Moodle.