What do some past students have to say about the course?

Girls"I have never felt so excited and motivated to be part of an academic environment as I have in this class. I am so proud of my work."

"Allowing students to pick from a study and data set to answer their own research question was effective because we became attached to our own projects, understood exactly why we were learning what we were learning, and wanted to know more."

"I really appreciated the fact that the material was accessible to students regardless of their major."

"Great class. I was expecting to hate it (and kind of did at a few points along the way) but ultimately thought it was really informative."

"I absolutely loved this class. Even though statistics is not necessarily exciting to learn, it is incredibly useful and the uniqueness of the project that I was doing kept me interested. I am not sure I have ever taken such a useful class, nor been so proud of my work."

"Though the structure of the class is unorthodox, the resulting education is priceless. Aside from teaching me the valuable process and application of statistical inquiry, this course taught me how to take initiative and start a scientific project that I can call my own."