Wesleyan University prides itself on fostering a safe and welcoming environment. Members of the University community are responsible for the behavior of their guest(s) while on University property. Host students are expected to properly register their guest(s) and ensure that the conduct of a guest(s) is lawful and in accordance with local, state, and federal laws as well as University policies. The right of a student to live in reasonable privacy and use their room for academic purposes takes precedence over visitation rights.

Guests must remain in the company of their host(s) at all times and should properly identify themselves upon request by a university official.  A guest's failure to identify themselves or deport campus when directed to do so by a university official may result in a loss of visitation privileges for that individual.  Violations of the guest policy may result in the loss of guest privileges and/or judicial consequences for host students.  

Overnight guests must be registered prior to or upon arrival on campus. The guest registration form is available through the student electronic portal.  Guests may not remain in residence for more than three consecutive nights.  Students are expected to respect the rights of their roommates, housemates, or apartment mates whenever guests are present.  All guests under the age of 18 should submit the online visitation form no less than 48 hours before their scheduled visit and should present a signed copy of the parent agreement portion of the form upon their arrival to campus to Residential Life (before 5:00 PM EST.) or to Public Safety any time after Residential Life hours of operation.