Office of Community Standards

The University utilizes a peer-based judicial system to address alleged violations of the Code of Non-Academic Conduct.  The Community Standards Board (CSB) is responsible for primary adjudication of all alleged violations of the Code of Non-Academic Conduct except those cases that may arise when the CSB cannot convene (summer, recess periods, etc.)  The dean of students' office  oversees and advises the CSB.  

Community Standards Board Mission Statement

As an essential element of student governance, the Community Standards Board exists to uphold the standards of the Wesleyan Community by providing equitable and unbiased peer adjudication of alleged student violations of the Honor Board and the Code of Non-Academic Conduct. The Board seeks to respond constructively, fairly, and effectively to alleged violations. In order to do so, the Board makes every effort to respond to all cases in a timely manner, to ensure that all students are aware of their rights within the judicial process, and to protect those rights. The Board strives to deal with cases in a manner that is conducive to a student’s personal growth and accountability to the Wesleyan Community.