Student Affairs - Dean's Office

Welcome to the Office of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs is an important academic and co-curricular esource for all students, offering guidance on any issue that may affect students’ academic progress and well-being. The vice president for student affairs (VPSA) is responsible for ensuring that procedures are followed, and for developing and implementing additional procedures as necessary.

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Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs

Michael Whaley Photo

Vice President for Student Affairs

Michael J. Whaley
x3160    Office Hours By Appointment


Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs/Office Coordinator/Notary Public

Lorna Scott

Offices and Staff

Class Deans
North College, Second Floor, x2600

Class deans are responsible for a comprehensive program of academic advising and class management in the context of a residential liberal arts environment. This includes helping students develop educational goals and complete their graduation requirements; working with faculty to support student success in the classroom; facilitating access to academic and non-academic support services; and supporting student transitions from high school through the undergraduate years to life post-Wesleyan.

Meet the Staff

Jen Wood

Dean for the Class of 2019

Jennifer Wood
x2758    Office Hours: M 2-3pm, T 3-4pm, W 5-7 pm, Th 11am-12 noon, F 2-4pm


Dean for the Class of 2018

Renée Johnson-Thornton
x2758    Office Hours: M 2-3pm, T 3-4pm, W 5-7 pm, Th 11am-12 noon, F 2-4pm

Louise Brown

Dean for Academic Advancement and Dean for the Class of 2017

Louise S. Brown
x2758    Office Hours: M 2-3pm, T 3-4pm, W 5-7 pm, Th 11am-12 noon, F 2-4pm

David Phillips

Dean for the Class of 2016

David Phillips
x2765   Office Hours: M 2-3pm, T 3-4pm, W 5-7 pm, Th 11am-12 noon, F 2-4pm


Administrative Assistant for the Deans for the Classes of 2016 and 2018

Teri Maheu

Joan Chiari

Administrative Assistant for the Deans for the Classes of 2017 and 2019

Joan Chiari

Dean of Students
North College, First Floor, x2775

The Dean of Students Office has primary responsibility for the coordination of services and programs relating to students co-curricular experience. The dean of students and the assistant director of student life work with other staff in student affairs to provide a variety of programs, experiences, services and leadership opportunities that support and complement students academic experience. The office also advises the Student Judicial Board.

Meet the Staff

Rick Culliton

Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students

Rick Culliton
x2627    Office hours by appointment.

Scott Backer

Associate Dean of Students

Scott Backer
x2627    Office hours by appointment.

Zack Pfeifer

Coordinator of Greek Life

Zack Pfeifer
x2773    Office hours by appointment.


Administrative Assistant for the Office of the Dean of Students

Karen Karpa

Office of International Student Affairs
North College, 237 High Street, Rm 121, x3704 (Janice Watson) and Allbritton 214, x2832 (Alice Hadler)

The Office of International Student Affairs provides advice and counsel on every aspect of international students' adjustment to life at Wesleyan--cultural, academic, personal, financial, and immigration. The Office also organizes International Student Orientation and ongoing programs that explore the complexities and intersections among U.S. diversity, international issues, and global citizenship.

Meet the Staff

Alice Hadler

Associate Dean for International Student Affairs and Writing Program Coordinator for International Students

Alice Hadler

Butterfield B 310

Janice Watson

Coordinator for International Students

Janice Watson

Office of Residential Life
North College, Lower Level, x3550

Residential Life provides a safe and supportive residential environment which complements and extends the Wesleyan educational experience. Student-centered programs and services are implemented with emphasis on holistic individual and community development, student leadership, individual responsibility, advocacy of academic inquiry, and freedom of thought, opinion and expression in the spirit of mutual respect. These are the hallmarks of the Wesleyan residential experience, and provide the essential foundation for a quality liberal education within a diverse and dynamic community.


Meet the Staff

Fran Koertig


Fran Koerting

Maureen Isleib

Associate Director

Maureen Isleib


Assistant Director

Stacey Phelps


Office of Religious and Spiritual Life
169 High Street

Spiritual life at Wesleyan is shaped by the wide range and depth of students’ questions and interests. Each of the four Chaplains sponsors a weekly service. All students are welcome and encouraged to attend any and all of these services; and students assume many of the responsibilities for planning and leading these services. The Chaplains also work together to sponsor several multi-faith events during the year.

Meet the Chaplains

Rabbi David

University Jewish Chaplain

Rabbi David Leipziger Teva

Father Bill

University Roman Catholic Chaplain

William J. Wallace

University Muslim Chaplain

Kaiser Alam

Tracy Muska

University Protestant Chaplain

Tracey Mehr-Muska

Student Activities and Leadership Development
45 Wyllis Ave., Usdan Center, x2460

Student Activities and Leadership Development provides advice, guidance and acts as a resource for students and student organizations. Its goal is to help student organizers be successful in planning social, cultural, intellectual, political, and recreational programs. The office enhances out-of-classroom experiences that promote personal development and leadership training.

Meet the Staff

Elisa Cardona

Director of Student Activities & Leadership Development/New Student Orientation

Elisa Cardona


Bulaong Ramiz

Bulaong Ramiz, Assistant Director of Student Activies & Leadership Development/New Student Orientation


Usdan University Center

The Usdan University Center at Wesleyan University is a focal point of activity and central programming space for the campus community.  It provides a comfortable gathering place for students, staff, faculty, alumni and visitors and plays a significant role in enhancing the sense of community on campus. Programs in the Usdan Center foster the intellectual exchange between students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Meet the Staff


Michelle Myers Brown

Director of the Usdan Center

Michelle Myers-Brown

Joanne Rafferty

Associate Director of Operations

Joanne Rafferty

Frank Marsilli

Facility and Events Manager for the Usdan Center

Frenk Marsilli

Rachel Prehoda Spindel

Facility and Events Manager for the Chapel

Rachel Prehodka-Spindel

If you would like to schedule an event, whether at Usdan or Wesleyan, please contact the Events and Scheduling Team.

Wesleyan Events & Conferences

Wesleyan Events & Conferences is charged with the management of events and conferences for the Wesleyan community and revenue-generating external clients, providing stewardship of Wesleyan’s historic 350-acre campus through equitable application of policy, collaboration with campus partners and service providers, and administration of the University’s centralized reservation and facility management database. Events & Conferences is responsible for processing approximately 25,000 requests for space each year.



Meet the Staff

Nate Lerner


Nate Lerner

Allison Grella

Assistant Director

Allison Grella