Accommodation Letters

Academic Accommodation Letters are prepared upon request for each student for each course in which they require an accommodation. Students can request their letters each semester by filling out the Academic Accommodation Letter Request Form. Accessibility Services is happy to assist students in identifying the barriers to access that exist, and the reasonable accommodations necessary to ameliorate those barriers in the context of each course.

Students are encouraged to request Academic Accommodation Letters, and speak with their professors about arranging the specifics of their accommodations, within the first few weeks of the semester. Students are responsible for notifying faculty of accommodations in a timely manner by providing a copy of their Academic Accommodation Letter. Faculty may not be able, nor may they be obligated, to honor last-minute requests.

While it is expected that a student will advocate for their individual needs directly with the faculty, Accessibility Services is available to assist in the process if requested.


  • Students should consider accommodation requests thoughtfully, based on careful review of the syllabus and within the context of the instruction method of the course
  • Students are encouraged to follow these steps for sharing their accommodation letter with faculty:
    • First, Reach out to the instructor via email asking for a meeting to discuss accommodations
    • During meeting, share accommodation letter (via email or other electronic method)
      • Be sure to separate the letters for the faculty into a separate emails (do not forward all letters together)
      • Include Accessibility Services (CC when sending letter; we will keep the communication in our records to reference you have shared the information with your faculty
    • Discuss the accommodations with the faculty members during the meeting in order to determine how the accommodations will be provided for that specific course
  • Please reach out to Accessibility Services if you need assistance with accommodation solutions, if you are seeking accommodation updates/changes, or you are unsure of which accommodations may be applicable for a course


  • Students will be directed to share their Academic Accommodation Letters with faculty via email and discuss during a meeting
    • Discuss with each student who provides a letter how their accommodation will be applicable and provided for in your course 
    • Meetings should be a private, one-on-one discussion
    • Accessibility Services should be CC'd on the email from the student which shares the accommodation letter to you
  • Accessibility Services is available to support faculty with providing accommodations to students; please reach out to Accessibility Services if you need assistance with accommodation solutions in your course
  • As a reminder, additional information and resources can be found in the Faculty Guide to Accessibility Services

Additional Information

Accessibility Services is always available to assist students and faculty with the accommodation process; please contact Accessibility Services anytime. Additionally, our website provides some additional information related to: