Rights and Responsibilities

Wesleyan University is committed to ensuring equal opportunity for students with disabilities to access the university's programs and services, including the academic experiences. This process is a collaborative effort between the individual student, Accessibility Services, and the faculty. All three participants have a role to play in making education accessible; understanding your rights and responsibilities as faculty is essential to the process.

Faculty at Wesleyan University

The rights and responsibilities of faculty at Wesleyan University in providing accommodations to students with disabilities.

Right to:

  • Maintain the university's academic and institutional standards
  • Request notification, through an Accommodation Letter, of a student's need for reasonable accommodations
  • Contact Accessibility Services to clarify a student's request for reasonable accommodations, modifications, and/or auxiliary aids and services
  • Determine if an accommodation request constitutes an alteration to an essential element of a course

Responsibility to:

  • Contact Accessibility Services if it is suspected that an accommodation request compromises the course content or expectations in order to determine alternate means of access for the student with a disability
  • Discuss appropriate options with students, who have provided an Accommodation Letter, to determine how the approved accommodations will be arranged
  • Provide or arrange for approved reasonable accommodations, modifications, and/or auxiliary aids and services included in the Accommodation Letter, in a timely manner, for students with disabilities
  • Refer to Accessibility Services those students who request accommodations, but have not provided an Accommodation Letter
  • Maintain the confidentiality of information regarding disability issues

Additional Information

  • The rights and responsibilities for students with disabilities and the university can be found on the Student Rights and Responsibilities page
  • For more information on the process which students must follow in order to request reasonable accommodations, please see the Accommodation Process page
  • For more information on the responsibilities of students, faculty, and Accessibility Services for arranging reasonable accommodations for exams, please see the Arranging Accommodations for Exams page
  • Accessibility Services is always ready to work in partnership with you, in order to provide access to students with disabilities. Please contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have regarding disability or accessibility issues.