Accommodations at Wesleyan

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Students with documented learning, physical, sensory, health, or psychiatric disabilities may request reasonable accommodations to ensure access to education, housing, meal, and co-curricular activities at Wesleyan.

Students who have, or suspect they may have, a disability for which they would like to request accommodations, should contact Accessibility Services to discuss their needs.

Parents and families play an important role in their student's support network. Familiarizing yourself with the differences between high school and college and resources available to students with disabilities will help you to guide your student in building their own support network at Wesleyan. Discuss connecting with Accessibility Services early on; even if they are unsure of requesting accommodations, encourage them to make an appointment to discuss their options and resources.


  1. Students who wish to request reasonable accommodations are expected to self-disclose to Accessibility Service and and provide current documentation of their disability.
    Encourage your student to self-disclose in one of the following ways:
    • New students can self-disclose by completing the Disability Notification Form found in the Orientation Checklist on their student portal.
    • After Orientation, students are able to self-disclose at any time by contacting the office.
  2. Accessibility Services reviews each student's situation individually based on the information shared by the student and the relevant documentation; requests are considered within the context of both submitted documentation and available resources to determine the type of accommodation recommended.
  3. Students then meet with Accessibility Services to discuss their disability in the context of their academic and nonacademic plans; at the student’s request, the office assists with arranging appropriate reasonable accommodations, as needed.

Appeals and Grievances

When the request for an accommodation has been denied, or when an approved accommodation has not been received, students have a right to report the incident through any of the procedures outlined on the Appeals and Grievances page.


Accommodations that are considered reasonable are those that do not fundamentally alter the nature of an academic course or the institution's policies, and do not place an undue hardship on the institution. Reasonable accommodations are distinguished from services of a personal nature, which Wesleyan University does not provide but the student may choose to employ. Such services of a personal nature may include individual assistants or coaches.