Requesting Reasonable Accommodations

Who is Eligible for Reasonable Accommodations?

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Students with documented learning, physical, sensory, health, or psychiatric disabilities may request reasonable accommodations to ensure access to education, housing, meal, and co-curricular activities at Wesleyan.


Students who wish to request 504/ADA reasonable accommodations are expected to self-disclose by completing the Disability Notification Form and and providing current documentation of their disability. Students may establish their disabilities file at any time, though many students do it in their first semester, sending their documentation to the office in advance of their arrival on campus.

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Housing/Meal Plan Accommodations
Food Allergies and Dietary Conditions

Even if you think you may not want to request accommodations for your disability, you are encouraged to make an appointment with our office to discuss your options and resources. Whether you are a new or current student, Accessibility Services is ready to help you have the best possible experience at Wesleyan University. We are happy to talk with you about the services we offer, but you must initiate the process. Please contact our office to set up a time to discuss your request for support services.


Accessibility Services reviews each student's situation individually, assessing the request and relevant documentation. Accommodation requests are considered within the context of the documentation, course requirements, and available resources. Accessibility Services may review requests for reasonable accommodations with either the Office of Counseling and Psychological Services or Health Services, in order to determine appropriate accommodations.


Students who are requesting accommodations are required to meet with Accessibility Services. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss your disability in the context of your academic and nonacademic plans, review documentation, and at your request, to assist you with arranging appropriate accommodations with your professors and other university offices, as needed.

Accommodation requests are considered within the context of both submitted documentation and available resources. Each student's situation is reviewed based on the information shared by the student and the relevant documentation to determine the type of accommodation recommended.

What is a Reasonable Accommodation?

Accommodations that are considered reasonable are those that do not fundamentally alter the nature of an academic course or the institution's policies, and do not place an undue hardship on the institution. Reasonable accommodations are distinguished from services of a personal nature, which Wesleyan University does not provide but the student may choose to employ. Such services of a personal nature may include individual assistants or coaches.

Additional Information from the Department of Education

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Students with a disability need to be well informed about their rights and responsibilities, as well as the responsibilities postsecondary schools have toward them, in order to ensure having a full opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the postsecondary education experience. The information on this website, provided by the Office for Civil Rights in the U. S. Department of Education, explains the rights and responsibilities of students with disabilities who are preparing to attend postsecondary schools, as well as the obligations of a postsecondary school.