Disability Notification and Accommodation Request Form

Students who have, or suspect they may have, a disability for which they would like to request accommodations, should submit this form. Even if you are unsure if you qualify for accommodations, or if you are unsure of your intent to use reasonable accommodations, we encourage you to complete this form.

The staff members in Accessibility Services assist students individually and confidentially in understanding the documentation needed, and can help students understand the services at Wesleyan and think through the implications of requesting or not requesting reasonable accommodations.

The following Google form is only accessible via your Wesleyan log-in with Google.


This form will be available to you AFTER you receive your WesID and email in June.

Instructions for Google Form:

If you are unable to see the form below:

  1. Click Google
  2. In the upper right corner, click on the account icon and "Sign out" (if there is no icon, and it shows "Sign in", skip this step)
  3. Return to this page and use the following link to view the form (you will be prompted to log-in; use your Wesleyan email and password): Disability Notification and Accommodation Request Form
If you are using the Chrome browser, Google may be confused trying to access your Wesleyan account. Use an incognito window/browser, copy the URL for this page directly into the new incognito window/browser. Then, click on the “Disability Notification and Accommodation Request Form” link below and when prompted to log in, do so with your Wesleyan email and password.

If you are still having difficulty, please email: accessibility@wesleyan.edu

Disability Notification and Accommodation Request Form