Student Involvement (formerly known as Student Activities and Leadership Development) provides advice, guidance and acts as a resource for students and student organizations. Our goal is to promote collaborative relationships between student organization leaders, the campus community, and their affiliates by providing valuable information about the university's financial policies and administrative procedures that affect their extracurricular activities. We help student organizers to successfully plan and execute social, cultural, intellectual, political, and recreational programs. The office enhances out-of-classroom experiences that promote personal development and leadership training.

If you are looking for assistance on club finances or events please make an appointment prior to dropping by the office so that we may appropriately assist you.

New Group Registration Period Open!
If you’re interested in creating a new group, the New Group Registration Period is now open on WesNest as well! Navigate to “Organizations” and click on the button “Register an Organization” on your left-hand side. There will be a blue button on the bottom of the page to “Register a New Organization.” Follow the instructions on the form and be prepared to submit information about the mission of your group, why it is different than other groups on campus, and a roster of your members.

The NEW GROUP registration period is from September 5th, 2022 at 8:30am until October 28th, 2022 at 11:45pm

For more information about registering a student group, check this page on our website about the process and the difference between formally recognized and informal student groups.