Posters, Banners, Announcements, and Other Forms of Communication

Approved by President Campbell, February 1988; Revised October 1991, October 1993, and March 2002


The purpose of a University-wide policy on banners, announcements of events, and other forms of communication is to protect freedom of expression while encouraging respect for University property and the appearance of the campus. On the one hand, such a policy should promote the use of kiosks, bulletin boards, and other spaces provided within and without University buildings for announcement and informational purposes. On the other hand, it should recognize that permission to display items such as banners will be sought and guidelines for their timely placement and removal will be useful to students, faculty, and administrators. Academic departments and programs are encouraged to consider the following guidelines, and the example of the PAC (which designates a person responsible for responding to requests and/or events) in responding to requests affecting their buildings and spaces.


  • Announcements of events and other forms of communication should be placed on kiosks, bulletin boards, and other appropriate areas provided by the University. Banners, posters, announcements, and other forms of communication are not permitted on buildings, structures, or sidewalks. (Fire codes prohibit the placement of materials on the glass portions of doors and windows.) Defacement of University property in any form, including graffiti, is not permitted.

  • Special permission to place banners, announcements of events, posters, and other forms of communication on buildings may be requested from the affected departments or programs, which are urged to designate a person to decide upon such requests. That person should consider whether the proposed location presents safety considerations that require the advice of the Office of Public Safety. In all cases, materials should be placed no more than 48 hours prior to the event and removed within 24 hours after it is held. The University does not permit banners on any building during Commencement.

    The Usdan University Center, which plays a special role in campus communication, has developed a special policy to guide placement and display of announcements and other materials. Inquiries regarding that policy should be referred to the Usdan University Center director.

  • Chalking on University property is prohibited.

  • Unauthorized use of paint (washable or permanent) is prohibited everywhere.

  • The University’s nondiscrimination and sexual harassment policies prohibit conduct that has the purpose or effect of substantially interfering with an individual’s work or educational performance or creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work or educational environment. Messages that violate these community standards are not permitted.

Concerns about any posted messages should be forwarded to the vice president for equity and inclusion/Title IX officer. The vice president for equity and inclusion/Title IX officer will appoint a team who will review the posting in question, and the message will be removed if a reasonable person might perceive it to be intimidating, hostile, or offensive. The vice president for equity and inclusion/ Title IX officer will maintain a record of postings that are removed. When a posting meets the criteria for community notification, the vice president for student affairs will notify the campus community that the message has been removed.