Division of Student Affairs

Mission Statement

The Division of Student Affairs partners with students, faculty and staff to build a diverse and energetic learning community whose members think critically and creatively and value independence of mind and generosity of spirit.

The professional and student staff of the Division of Student Affairs provides and facilitates co-curricular and campus life experiences that support students’ educational and developmental goals; complement and extend students’ learning beyond formal academic settings; foster a campus environment where students think critically, participate in constructive dialogue and engage in meaningful contemplation; build awareness, respect, and appreciation for a diversity of experiences, interests, beliefs, and identities; and facilitate student leadership development and the practical application of leadership skills.


Class Deans: 860-685-2757, 2758

Vice President for Student Affairs: 860-685-2772

Student Academic Resources: 860-685-2332

International Student Affairs: 860-685-2832

Dean of Students: 860-685-2627

Residential Life: 860-685-3550

Religious and Spiritual Life: 860-685-2278

International Student Services: 860-685-3704

Health Services: 860-685-2656

Usdan University Center: 860-685-3616

Student Leadership and Development: 860-685-2143

Events and Scheduling Office: 860-685-2280

Public Safety Office: 860-685-2345

Graduate Student Services: 860-685-2223

The Resource Center: 860-685-3979