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Summer Session 2022 Schedule:

Session I: Wednesday May 25 – Tuesday June 21, 2022 (exams June 22-23)

Session II: Monday June 27 – Monday July 25, 2022 (exams July 26-27)

Summer Session 2022 Course List:

 Full Session

CHEM152Z: Introductory Chemistry Laboratory - note: .5 CR/ Davis, Anthony

 Session I

AMST291Z: Afro-Asian Intersections in the Americas / Tang, Amy
ARAB101Z: Elementary Arabic I - note: 1.5 CR / Abderrahman, Aissa
BIOL181Z/MB&B181Z: Principles of Biology I: Cell Biology and Molecular Basis of Hereditary / Kopac, Sarah
CHEM141Z: General Chemistry I / Davis, Anthony
ENGL238Z: Jane Austin and Her World / Weiner, Stephanie
ENGL296Z: Techniques of Fiction / Pretorius, Michelle
FILM458Z: Screenwriting: Short Film / (2 sections) Youssef, Susan and Rucnov, Mirko
GOVT155Z: International Politics / Gallarotti, Giulio
MUSC278Z: Survey of Jazz Styles / Baerman, Noah
PSYC295Z: The Science of Happiness / D'Andrea, Jennifer
QAC201Z/GOVT201Z/NS&B280Z/PSYC280Z: Applied Data Analysis / Kaparakis, Manolis
QAC251Z/CIS251Z: Data Visualization: An Introduction / Nazzaro, Valerie

Session II

ARAB102Z: Elementary Arabic II - note 1.5 CR / Abderrahman, Aissa
BIOL182Z/MB&B182Z: Principles of Biology II / Kopac, Sarah
CGST3XXZ/PSYC287Z: Global or Multicultural Education for Equity and Social Justice / Gorlewski, Emily
CHEM142Z: General Chemistry II / Costa Sanchez, Carla
CLST205Z: Myth, Monsters, Misogyny: An Introduction to Greek and Roman Mythology / Witzke, Serena
CSPL318Z: Global Populism / Boraey, Esam
EDST211Z: Understanding Inequality: Psychological and Educational Perspectives / Arsenio, William
IDEA288Z/CIS288Z: Persuasive Images: Information Design and Digital Media / Chenier, Christopher
MUSC103Z: Materials and Design / Weinstein-Reiman, Michael
PSYC105Z: Foundations of Contemporary Psychology / Tomlin, Damon
WRCT201Z/EDST2XXZ/CGST2XXZ: Teaching English as Foreign Language / Hepford, Elizabeth
WRCT228Z/ENGL259Z: The Art of the Personal Essay / Silber, Lauren


All courses are 1.0 credit unless otherwise specified. Summer Session may be moved online (if so, some courses above may not be offered). Courses may only be taken for credit; auditors are not permitted in Summer Session courses. Incompletes will not be granted for Summer Session courses. Summer enrollments are processed on a first-come, first-served basis (no seats saved for majors or class years).                         

All information subject to change without notice.