Your Wesleyan experience doesn’t need to end at graduation. Welcome to your Window into Wesleyan, where you’ll find exclusive opportunities to virtually engage with our community through free and exciting educational programs. Whether you’re a proud parent or graduate looking to continue learning with us, you’ll find many ways to expand your horizons at a pace that works with your schedule. From multi-week Mini Courses that dive into big ideas to one-hour WESeminars by scholars and other experts in their fields, we invite you to explore our virtual offerings and stay connected to your Wesleyan community. Window into Wesleyan is designed just for you.

Mini Courses

Our Mini Courses are your chance to strengthen the connection between lifelong learning and liberal arts with Wesleyan’s exceptional faculty, without the pressure of grades. Get ready for an engaging and collaborative journey through a series of experiential projects across our deeply enriching courses. Have a question or need assistance? Contact

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    Living a Good Life

    What do I really believe in? What values are most important to me and how do they help me craft a happier life? Discover how Eastern and Western philosophy can change one’s orientation to the world, and thus, how one lives their life. During this seven-week course, you’ll be encouraged to think critically about your beliefs and values, with an emphasis on developing your own answers to deep questions.

    January 10 – February 27, 2022

    This course is now closed

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    Black Phoenix Rising

    Learn about Black radical scholarly, activist, and cultural traditions as grounded in the lived experiences of African Americans as you engage through class projects and virtual conversations. By telling the stories of Black people, real and imagined, who cut racism against the grain of death, Black Phoenix Rising employs politically and structurally informed storytelling to counter the narrative that Black people’s only meaningful existence is death.

    March 7 – April 17, 2022

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Virtual WESeminars

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    Dr. Martha S. Gilmore, Professor for Earth and Environmental Scie

    Tuesday, March 15, 2022
    12:00 – 1:00 PM EST

    Martha Gilmore is a planetary geologist who studies the surface morphology and composition of Venus, Mars and the Earth.  Using surface mapping and orbital VNIR spectroscopy, Dr. Gilmore looks at some of the oldest rocks on Venus and Mars in order to evaluate rock composition and constrain the history of water on these two planets.  These investigations are supported by laboratory studies of minerals formed and/or weathered under Venus and Mars conditions. Dr. Gilmore also uses spectroscopy to evaluate the extent and health of plant species local to Connecticut.

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