Certificate Courses

The Writing Certificate is not accepting new students at this time. However, students currently enrolled in the Certificate will be supported as they complete their degrees.

If you have questions, please contact the Certificate advisor, Prof. Stephanie Weiner, at sweiner@wesleyan.edu.


Certificate Requirements:  To earn the certificate, students must take at least five full-credit courses.

Courses must include:

  • At least one Level I course, but no more than 2 such courses.  Level I courses, listed below, are introductory-level classes that teach basic writing techniques.
  • Three electives.  These electives should be chosen from the Level I and Level II courses listed below. 

Electives must meet these additional requirements:

  • One must be a course taught in a workshop format
  • A second Level 1 course can be counted in this set of electives
  • A tutorial for a creative writing honors thesis or senior essay may count as one, but no more than one elective.
  • The Writing Certificate senior seminar, WRCT 350, a one-credit pass/fail course open to seniors and juniors who have completed all other certificate requirements.

NOTE: If you would like your set of 5 courses to include a course not listed below, please contact Prof. Stephanie Weiner (sweiner@wesleyan.edu).

Courses offered

  • The following courses may be counted toward the certificate.
  • Workshop courses are designated by an asterisk *.
  • Courses followed by (2021-22) will be offered in the 2021-2022 academic year.


Level I: Entry-Level Craft or Technique Courses:

ANTH 208: Crafting Ethnography (2021-22)

BIO 137: Writing about Evolution

CHIN 223: Creative Writing in Chinese

CIS 150: The Art of Academic Writing: The Environmental Movement in American History

COL 201 Writing Nonfiction (2021)

DANC 107: Writing About Dance

ENGL 131: Writing About Places

ENGL 190 FYS: Place, Character, and Design (2021-22)

ENGL 216 Techniques of Poetry (2021-22) *

ENGL 270 Writing Creative Nonfiction (2021)

ENGL 292: Techniques of Nonfiction (2021-22) *

ENGL 296 Techniques of Fiction (2021-22) *

FILM 105 Writing the Moving Image: An Intro to Creating Visual Stories (2021-22)

MUSC 205: Song: Music and Text

RUSS 220: Speak, Memory: the Russian Memoir

THEA 115 America in Prison: Theater Behind Bars (2021-22)

THEA 199 Introduction to Playwriting (2021-22)

THEA 235/ ENGL 278: Writing On and As Performance


Level II: Intermediate and Advanced Courses:

 AMST 245/ ENGL 246: Personalilizing History

ANTH 295B: Theory 1: Anthropology in Affect (2021-22)

BIO 365/ E&ES 399: Calderwood Seminar in Public Writing: 21st Century Biology

CCIV 330: Classical Studies Today: Writing for a General Audience

COL 201: Writing Nonfiction (2021-22)

COL 285: The Essay from Page to Webpage

COL 309: Truth and the Poet: Lyrics, Subjectivity, and Phenomenon

CSPL 316 Human Right Advocacy: Critical Assessment and Practical Engagement in Global Justice (2021-22)

ECON 327: The Global Firm: A Calderwood Seminar in Public Writing (2021-22)

ENGL 132: Writing Medicine and the Doctor Writer

ENGL 271: Distinguished Writers/ New Voices (2021-22)

ENGL 290: Place, Character and Design (2021-22)

ENGL 297: Creating Children’s Books I

ENGL306:  Asian American Posthumanisms: Biopolitics, Ecopoetics, & Literature

ENGL 313: Special Topic: The Art of the Essay

ENGL 325: Intermediate Nonfiction Workshop (2021-22) *

ENGL 326: Advanced Nonfiction Workshop (2021-22) *

ENGL 336: Intermediate Poetry Workshop (2021-22) *

ENGL 337: Advanced Poetry Workshop (2021-22) *

ENGL 337A: Advanced Poetry Workshop: Radical Revision *

ENGL 339: Intermediate Fiction Workshop (2021-22) *

ENGL 342: Advanced Fiction Workshop (2021-22) *

ENGL 347: Special Topics: Day Books, Diaries, Notebooks, etc

ENGL 355: Scribes, Bookworms, and other Bibliomaniacs: the Thrall of the Book

ENGL 358: Writing the War on Terror: Crafting Literary Responses to Fiction, Film, and Television after 9/11

ENGL 360: Special Topics: Writing Lives

ENGL 450: Senior Seminar in Creative Writing (2021-22)

FILM 370: The Art of Film Criticism

FILM 454: Screenwriting (2021-22)

FILM 455/ WRCT 256: Writing for Television

FILM 459/ WRCT 263: Writing for Television II

FILM 460: Scripting Series for the Small Screen

GOV 158: Writing the World

LAT 262: Reading Lating, Writing Latin

NS&B 360: Calderwood Seminar in Public Writing: Neuroplasticity and the Brain

THEA 279: Music Theater Workshop (2021-22)

THEA 299/ ENGL 399: Advanced Playwriting Long Form (2021-22)

WRCT 250: An Introduction to Data Journalism (2021-22)

WRCT 227: Life Writing: Writing about the Self from Experience (2021-22)

WRCT 350: Senior Seminar (F/S) *