Certificate Requirements

Candidacy:  Students should apply for candidacy in their sophomore or junior year. Applications from seniors may also be considered. To apply you must have received a grade of at least A- (or the COL equivalent) in one of the courses listed as eligible for the certificate. 

Certificate Requirements:  To earn the certificate, students must take at least five full-credit courses. Courses must include:

  • At least one Level I course, but no more than 2 such courses.  Level I courses, listed here, are introductory-level classes that teach basic writing techniques.
  • Three electives.  These electives should be chosen from the lists of Level I and Level II courses listed here.  Electives must meet these additional requirements:
    • One must be a course taught in a workshop format
    • No more than one elective can be a Level I course
    • A tutorial for a creative writing honors thesis or senior essay may count as one, but no more than one elective.
  • The Writing Certificate senior seminar, WRCT350, a one-credit pass/fail course open to seniors and juniors who have completed all other certificate requirements. 

Exemptions: Under limited circumstances, students may obtain an exemption from the Level I requirement, and take a fourth elective instead of an introductory course. Please see our FAQ for specific guidelines regarding exemptions.

GPA: As of May 2019 there is no longer a GPA requirement for students completing the program. Previously, to be eligible for the certificate, students were required to earn a GPA of at least 3.5 (or the COL equivalent) in their five required courses.