Certificate Requirements

The Writing Certificate is not accepting new students at this time. However, students currently enrolled in the Certificate will be supported as they complete their degrees.

If you have questions, please contact the Certificate advisor, Prof. Stephanie Weiner, at sweiner@wesleyan.edu.

Certificate Requirements:  To earn the certificate, students must take at least five full-credit courses. Courses must include:

  • At least one Level I course, but no more than 2 such courses.  Level I courses, listed here, are introductory-level classes that teach basic writing techniques.
  • Three electives.  These electives should be chosen from the lists of Level I and Level II courses listed here.  Electives must meet these additional requirements:

    • One must be a course taught in a workshop format
    • No more than one elective can be a Level I course
    • A tutorial for a creative writing honors thesis or senior essay may count as one, but no more than one elective.
  • The Writing Certificate senior seminar, WRCT350, a one-credit pass/fail course open to seniors and juniors who have completed all other certificate requirements. 

Exemptions: Under limited circumstances, students may obtain an exemption from the Level I requirement, and take a fourth elective instead of an introductory course. Please see our FAQ for specific guidelines regarding exemptions.

GPA: There is no GPA requirement for students completing the program.