To apply to work toward the Writing Certificate

Please complete the following two steps:

1. Complete the online Registrar's Minor/Certificate Declaration Form. It is located in your online student portfolio.
This will automatically alert the Registrar's Office, and Professor Anne Greene, Director of the Writing Certificate, as to your intention to work toward the Writing Certificate. If there are questions about your application, staff from the Writing Certificate office will contact you and ask that you come in to discuss your application in person. 

You’re always welcome to make an appointment to talk about your progress or application with Professor Greene.
You may reach her at, (use subject line: WRCT Appl) or by phone at (860) 685-3604.

Once you are accepted as a candidate you will be filling out a Planning and Completion form to report on your progress.

Other forms that you may need to complete your application for the Writing Certificate:

Form to Petition to Count a Course Towards the Writing Certificate

Form to Petition for Exemption from Level I Requirement of Writing Certificate