Guidelines for Summer Language Support

Limited funds from the College of East Asian Studies (CEAS) are available to assist students who wished to accelerate their language training by taking an intensive summer course.  Application forms are available here:

Application Form

Please print out the application form, and deliver the following to Jeanne McNeff in the CEAS Office (either in Fisk Hall or the Mansfield Freeman Center) by Monday, February 1, 2016

  • Completed application
  • Up-date "unofficial" copy of your transcript
  • If you have not studied Japanese, Chinese, or Korean at Wesleyan previously, please have a Wesleyan faculty member who knows you well send a letter of recommendation to Ms. McNeff.

The following prerequisites and priorities have been established:

1.  The summer course must be intensive, equivalent to two Wesleyan semesters.

2.  We regret that we will not be able to fund all requests this year.  Our determination of who shall receive the grants will be based on over-all academic record and specific performance in language classes.  Our determination of the level of support to award will be based on several criteria.  If you receive an award, the amount will be determined as follows:           

            Category             Description                                                                      Award
            One                    CEAS Major or Minor receiving financial aid                          90%-100%
            Two                    CEAS Major or Minor not receiving financial aid                    75%-80%
            Three                  Others                                                                             $2500

For these purposes, a major is a anyone who has been accepted into the College of East Asian Studies. A minor is anyone who has declared a minor in CEAS. "Financial aid" does not include those on need-blind scholarships like the Freeman Asia Scholarships.

3.   Please note that neither graduating seniors, nor students who have previously received funding from CEAS for summer language study, are eligible to receive funds this year.

4.   After the summer study, recipients must continue their study of Chinese, Japanese, or Korean (if available) at Wesleyan or in a Wesleyan approved program.

5.   Finally, you are required to provide a one-page report to the Chair, College of East Asian Studies, upon completion of the summer study program.