CEAS Minor

Admission to the Minor.

Upon completion of any CEAS course, students may enter the CEAS minor via the Minor Declaration Tool in the Electronic Portfolio.

Minor Requirements.

The minor requires completion of any five CEAS courses and Intermediate-level competence in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean.

No more than two of the five courses may be language courses. No more than two of the five courses can be performance or studio art courses. No more than one of the five courses can be a study abroad course.

The rule that no more than two of the five courses can be language courses means that students beginning their Chinese, Japanese or Korean language study at Wesleyan may have to take as many as seven courses to fulfill the minor (because four courses would be required to reach intermediate competence, but only two will count toward the minor).

Note that while the CEAS major requires that native speakers of a Chinese, Japanese or Korean language must study a different Chinese, Japanese or Korean language, that does not apply to the minor, so a native speaker of Korean, for example, can pass the intermediate competence standard without taking any languages classes and simply take any five CEAS classes.

Minor certification: to graduate with a minor in CEAS, seniors must complete a short form, indicating which courses they are using to fulfill the minor's requirements. For 2015-16, the deadline for submitting this form is Monday, April 4, 2016. The form is available here: http://www.wesleyan.edu/ceas/majoring/CEAS_Minor_Cert.doc