CEAS Major and Minor

 The CEAS Major is a three-year long major that is designed to give students deep knowledge about a particular East Asian culture (China, Japan, Korea) that are grounded in a particular discipline.  Majors are also required to gain some knowledge of the other East Asian countries that might not be the focus of their study, and they are invited to explore our broadly multi-disciplinary curriculum.

 The CEAS Minor is a five-course exploration of East Asian cultures.  Minors achieve or demonstrate at least intermediate fluency in one of our three languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean), and take additional East Asian studies classes related to their countries and disciplines of choice.

 Majors and Minors all become part of our vibrant CEAS community that engages in a wide array of co-curricular cultural activities designed to build our community, express our enjoyment of East Asian cultures, and bring knowledge and appreciation of East Asian cultures to the Wesleyan campus and Middletown community.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1.  What are the differences between the CEAS Major and Minor?

In brief, the CEAS major requirements are: 3rd-year competence in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean; 3 core courses including the Proseminar; 4 courses in a concentration; a minimum of one semester study abroad; and a senior capstone project.   For the minor: 2nd-year competence in Chinese, Japanese or Korean; and 5 CEAS courses.

 2.  I already speak Chinese/Japanese/Korean.  Do I still need to take language? 

It depends on whether you want to major or minor.  If you want to major, you will need to gain advanced competency in a new CEAS language.  If you want to minor, you can have one of the CEAS language instructors certify your intermediate competency, and then you can take five non-language CEAS courses.

3.  I already speak some Chinese/Japanese/Korean.  How do I figure out which level I should take? 

You should contact the language coordinator for the relevant language (Chinese—Zhu, Japanese—Maruta, Korean—Back), and she will arrange a placement test for you prior to the first day of class, so you can register for the correct class.

4.  I want to major in something else.  Can I double major in CEAS too? 

Yes!  CEAS is a very flexible major, and many students combine a CEAS major with other majors, minors, or certificates.

5. I didn’t declare a CEAS major in the spring of my first year.  Can I still major in CEAS?

Yes!  Meet with the Chair to find out if you will be able to fulfill the major requirements prior to graduation.  If you can, you can become a late-add major. 

6. Can I study abroad in the summer instead of during the semester and fulfill the study abroad requirement?

No.  We encourage students to participate in summer language study, and we even offer a few scholarships to help with that effort.  However, we require majors to have a full cultural immersion experience, which is not possible during the short period of summer.