Semester and Full-Year Study Abroad

Majors in the College of East Asian Studies are required to undertake at least one semester of study abroad in East Asia. This is typically done in the Junior year, and typically at one of the approved programs listed on the Office of International Studies website

Students interested in receiving major credit for study abroad work should also consult their major advisors.

Summer Language Study Abroad

The College of East Asian Studies encourages students to take advantage of opportunities for summer language study whenever possible. While such programs do not satisfy the study abroad requirement for the major, the intense, immersion programs that are offered both in the US and in East Asia give students unparalleled opportunities to make rapid progress in their language learning.

In order to help make summer language study more possible, the CEAS offers limited financial support for summer language study; for details, see here. For other information about summer internships and other opportunities in East Asia, see here.

For information on the best summer programs, students can consult the Office of International Studies website, the Language and Co-Curricular Coordinators for the appropriate language (Chinese or Japanese), or their current language instructor. In addition the following programs in Japan are recommended:

International Christian University (Tokyo): Summer


Princeton in Ishikawa (PII) : Summer


Hokkaido International Foundation (HIF) : Summer