WFS Help E-Mail Addresses

Help E-Mail Addresses for Finance

The quickest way to get your questions answered or to submit an issue regarding financial concerns is to use one of the general e-mail addresses listed below.  Please use the e-mail addresses below for your specific questions.


E-Mail Address What to use it for Who will receive it
  • AP Voucher Smart Doc
  • Any question on the status of a voucher
Tammy HarleyLynn Gambell


Janet Gyurits

  • Deposit Transmittal Smart Doc
  • Information on deposits through the Cashier’s Office
Noreen AngelettiNancy McLees


Nate Peters

Ed Below

  • General finance questions not covered by other help e-mail addresses
Nate PetersValerie Nye


Sun Chyung

Kim Savinelli

  • Budget Transfer Smart Doc
  • Budget Planning Smart Doc
  • Any other questions about operating budgets
Sun ChyungChris Andrews


Jeff Leone

  • Grant Proposal Checklist and Budget Smart Doc
  • Any questions about submitting grant proposals or the status of proposals
Carol ScullyCarolyn Kaufman


Betsy McCormick

Patricia Holycross

  • Purchasing Card reconciliation and redistribution of accounting
  • Establishing P-card proxies
  • How to use the P-card to make payments
Nate PetersTami Sabo


Christine Rodrigue

Valerie Nye

Olga Bookas

Tammy Harley

Lynn Gambell

Janet Gyurits

  • Request a wire transfer, including transfers in foreign currencies
Nate PetersValerie Nye


Christine Rodrigue

  • Purchase Order Smart Doc
  • Requesting assistance in getting a price quote
Olga BookasSherri Condon


Nate Peters

  • Security requests
  • Workflow questions or changes
  • General questions or issues about the financial system


Nate PetersEd Below


Barbara Spadaccini

Dan Koepf

Susan Pavis

Steve Machuga