Purchasing and Procurement FAQ

  • How do I purchase products and services and comply with Wesleyan policy?
    • University Policies and Procedures are published on the Finance and Administration web site. In addition, all contracted vendors for products and services are listed on the Purchasing and Procurement web site. At the home page there is a link for Contract Vendors.
  • Where can I find a listing of products, services and vendors?
    • Go to the Purchasing and Procurement home page and refer to the links.
  • Why doesn't Wesleyan have a central purchase order system?
    • Wesleyan does not have a traditional purchase order system largely because departmental purchasing has been and, for the most part, is decentralized. The Finance Office is provides the oversight for vendor relations, contract negotiations and legal requirements. The Purchasing Specialist, Financial Services, can provide pro forma purchase order numbers, as necessary.
  • Who should I contact if I have questions related to purchasing?
    • You should contact Financial Services, specifically Olga Bookas, Procurement Specialist at 685-2122, or obookas@wesleyan.edu.
  • What training is offered to assist me in purchasing and procurement?
    • Training sessions, on an individual or group basis, are available on request. Financial Services will schedule sessions for specific training needs with vendor assistance. To request training or to view current planned training sessions, click here FRONTPAGE FORM
  • When do expenses for centrally billed products and services get charged to my account?
    • Expenses are entered into the Financial System once a month for all centrally billed products and services. Finance may also accelerate this process to a more frequent basis, e.g. at fiscal year end.