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Diversifying Academic Disciplines

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  • Female Economists of Wesleyan (FEW)

The Female Economists of Wesleyan (FEW) is a caucus of female-identifying Economics students. The gender imbalance of Wesleyan's Economics department is currently below the national average rate. We aim to promote dialogue about the experiences of underrepresented groups in Economics and serve as a bridge between students, professors, and administrators in promoting equity and inclusion in the department. Through our programs, we aim to improve camaraderie within the major, enrich academic culture outside the classroom, and increase the diversity of Economics classrooms. For more information contact

International Students


Wesleyan Peers for Queers  
Queer Organizing Commitee  
Queer/Trans Collective  
Womanist House  

First Generation and Low-Income Students Resources

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Racial and Ethnic Diversity

Religious and Spiritual Life

Wesleyan Association of Christian Thinkers  
Multi-Cultural Campus Ministries (MCM)  
Catholic Student Organization  
Wesleyan Christian Fellowship  
Interfaith Justice League  
Muslim Student Association (MSA)  
Unitarian Universalist Campus Ministry  
Wesleyan Veritas Forum  
WesChristian Connect  

Student Activities & Leadership Development

  • Student Activities & Leadership Development Intern

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