Equity and Inclusion

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Identity Networks of Support Includes: 

Student organization are italized

Disability Resources

International Students


Wesleyan Peers for Queers  
Queer Organizing Commitee  
Queer/Trans Collective  
Womanist House  

First Generation and Low-Income Students Resources

Racial and Ethnic Diversity

Religious and Spiritual Life

Wesleyan Association of Christian Thinkers  
Multi-Cultural Campus Ministries (MCM)  
Catholic Student Organization  
Wesleyan Christian Fellowship  
Interfaith Justice League  
Muslim Student Association (MSA)  
Unitarian Universalist Campus Ministry  
Wesleyan Veritas Forum  
WesChristian Connect  

Student Activities & Leadership Development

  • Claire Wright, Student Activities & Leadership Development Intern

Program Houses

Please send an email to rjohnson01_at_wesleyan.edu to add additional resources.