Mathematics Activities

Math Club

Pizza, presentations, and fun!

The Math Club meets on Fridays at noon in the Math Lounge on the 6th floor of the Science Center during the semester. Look for announcements around the department. There is free pizza and gossip, and also a short presentation, usually by a faculty member, each week. Please see the "Contact Us" page for the name of the current Math Club faculty advisor.

Putnam Exam

The William Lowell Putnam exam is a yearly ritual for over 3000 mathematics undergraduates in more than 300 schools across the nation and beyond. The problems are hard, but they don't use much mathematics beyond calculus and linear algebra. Instead, they require creativity and cleverness, and have the ah, ha! quality that makes math contests fun. The Putnam exam happens each year on the first Saturday in December.

MATH 211 (Problem Solving for the Putnam) is a .25-credit course that is recommended for any student interested in taking the Putnam Exam. It is open to all undergraduate students.