Mathematics & Computer Science

Current Graduate Students

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Name E-mail Office Phone

John Bergan

jbergan Room 630A (860) 685-2179
Cameron Bishop cbishop01 Room 630A (860) 685-2179

Indika Gamage

Nathan Josephs njosephs Room 616 (860) 685-2177
Leah Karker mkarker Room 634 (860) 685-2165
Ryan Karpisz rkarpisz Room 616 (860) 685-2177
Lisa Kaylor lkaylor Room 632 (860) 685-2166
James Kreinbihl jkreinbihl Room 630B (860) 685-2683
Freda Li fli Room 616 (860) 685-2177
Jingbo Liu jliu02 Room 632 (860) 685-2166
Alicia Marino amarino Room 634 (860) 685-2165
Joshua Murphy jhmurphy Room 616 (860) 685-2177
Miriam Parnes mparnes Room 632 (860) 685-2166
Max Ryan mrryan Room 616 (860) 685-2177
Noelle Sawyer nsawyer Room 616 9*60) 685-2177
Brett Smith bcsmith Room 630A  (860) 685-2179
Nick Treuer jtreuer Room 616 (860) 685-2177
Gabriel Valenzuela  gvalenzuela  Web Room 630A (860) 685-2179
Sarah Vigliotta svigliotta Room 634 (860) 685-2165
Ayelet Zaidenberg azaidenberg Room 630B (860) 685-2683


Recent Graduate Students

When a "current position" is indicated, it corresponds to the most recent information that we have; however, we do not guarantee its correctness, and would be happy to receive corrections.

Graduated in 2014

Abbey Bourdon Ph.D., Mathematics (Christopher Rasmussen)

     Current Position: University of Georgia

Bonita Graham Ph.D., Mathematics (David Pollack)

     Current Position: SUNY-Oswego

Randy Linder M.A., Mathematics (Adam Fieldsteel)

     Current Position: TAP Associate at Capital Group

James Ricci Ph.D., Mathematics (Wai Kiu Chan)

     Current Position: Daemen College

David White Ph.D., Mathematics (Mark Hovey)

     Current Position: Dennison University

Graduated in 2013

Anna Haensch Ph.D., Mathematics (Wai Kiu Chan)

     Current Position: Duquesne University

Meghan Heenehan Ph.D., Mathematics (Karen Collins)

     Current Position: Eastern Connecticut State University

Ian Hoffman M.A., Mathematics (Michael Keane)

Edward Morehouse Ph.D., Mathematics (James Lipton)

     Current Position:  Carnegie-Mellon University

Brett Townsend Ph.D., Mathematics (Philip Scowcroft)

     Current Position: Salem State University

Graduated in 2012

Glenn Henshaw Ph.D., Mathematics (Wai Kiu Chan, Lenny Fukshansky)

      Current Position: California State University, Channel Islands

Graduated in 2011

Daniel Bravo Ph.D., Mathematics (Mark Hovey)

Current position: University of South Maine.

John Burke Ph.D., Mathematics (Constance Leidy)

Current position: Rhode Island College.

Joe Fera Ph.D., Mathematics (Petra Bonfert-Taylor)

Current position: Lehman College.

Juan Pablo Mendoza M.A., Computer Science (Eric Aaron)

Ted Nichols M.A., Computer Science (Eric Aaron)

Irinia Zaitseva M.A., Mathematics (Adam Fieldsteel)

Graduated in 2010

Mehdi Khorami Ph.D., Mathematics (Mark Hovey)

Current position: Northwestern University (post-doctural researcher).

Andrew Lazowski Ph.D., Mathematics (Edward Taylor)

Current position: Sacred Heart University.

Charlie McIntosh M.A., Mathematics (Karen Collins)

Graduated in 2009

Henny Admoni M.A., Computer Science (Eric Aaron)

Current position: Yale University (graduate student).

Stephen Dennett M.A., Mathematics (Karen Collins)

Franklin Gould Ph.D., Mathematics (W. W. Comfort)

Becky Hall Ph.D., Mathematics (David Pollack)

Current position: Western Connecticut State University.

WeiWei Pan Ph.D., Mathematics (Mark Hovey)

Current position: St. Mary's College of California.

Anna Radlowski M.A., Mathematics (Wai Kiu Chan)

Current position: Mohawk Valley Community College.

Stephen Shea Ph.D., Mathematics (Mike Keane)

Current position: St. Anselm College.

Graduated in 2008

Chloe Epstein M.A., Mathematics (Karen Collins)

Current position: Choate Rosemary Hall.

Daniel Greengard M.A., Mathematics (Wai Kiu Chan)

Current position: University of California Berkeley (graduate student).

Jonathan Keating M.A., Mathematics (David Pollack)

Current position: Mystic Valley Charter School.

Graduated in 2007

David Darling M.A., Mathematics (Mike Keane)

Current position: Howard Community College.

Vasil Gochev Ph.D., Mathematics (Anthony Hager)

Current position: Trinity College, Connecticut.

Yun Lu Ph.D., Mathematics (Carol Wood] , [ M.A., Computer Science)

Current position: Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.

Donny Tang M.A., Mathematics (Karen Collins)

Current position: analyst at Travelers Insurance.

Graduated in 2006

Elizabeth Beedy M.A., Mathematics (Karen Collins)

Ilirjan Cane Ph.D., Mathematics (Karen Collins)

Current position: College Board mathematics content specialist.

Graduated in 2005

Mrinal Chowdhury Ph.D., Mathematics (Mike Keane)

Current position: University of Texas-Pan American.

Russell Coe Ph.D., Mathematics (Adam Fieldsteel)

Current position: Suffolk County Community College.

Ayalur Krishnan Ph.D., Mathematics (James Lipton)

Anna Rokicki Ph.D., Mathematics (Wai Kiu Chan)

Current position: Westfield State College.

Yuxiang Wang M.A., Mathematics (Karen Collins)

Brian Wynne Ph.D., Mathematics (Philip Scowcroft)

Current position: Bard College at Simons Rock.

Graduated in 2004

Josh Daniels M.A., Mathematics (Wai Kiu Chan)

Current position: LL.D and public policy MA from UC Berkeley, now at Caldwell Flores Winters.

Richard Mackenzie M.A., Mathematics (Anthony Hager)

Eric Williams M.A., Computer Science (Daniel Krizanc)

Current position: Apple Computer Project Engineer.

Graduated in 2003

Zhongyuan Che Ph.D., Mathematics (Karen Collins) ; M.A. Computer Science (Mike Rice)

Current position: Pennsylvania State University, Beaver.

James Gillespie Ph.D., Mathematics (Mark Hovey)

Current position: Ramapo College of New Jersey.

W. Daniel Gillam M.A., Mathematics (W. W. Comfort)

Current position: Tamarkin Assistant Professor and NSF postdoctoral fellow at Brown University.

Manual Lopez Ph.D., Mathematics (Mark Hovey)

Current position: Rochester Institute of Technology.

Rehana Patel Ph.D., Mathematics (Carol Wood)