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FALL 2017 Seminar Series

All Seminars are Thursdays, at Noon, in 121 Exley Science Center unless otherwise noted.

September 21+

Rosh Hashanah. No seminar. 

September 28^

18th Annual Biophysics Retreat

Keynote Speaker - Dr. Arthur G. Palmer, III, Vice Chair, Columbia University Medical Center

October 5+

George Weinstock, Jackson Laboratory
The human microbiome: a new frontier that might just affect everything
Host: Devoto

October 12*


October 19+ 

Steve Danzer, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Basic mechanisms of epilepsy onset and progression
Host: Naegele

October 26*^

Catherine Royer, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Pressure-based mapping of protein folding landscapes
Host: Mukerji

November 2+

Jim Mellett, New York University
What constraints anchor the upper and lower limits if mammalian body mass?
Host: Burke

November 9*

Rachel O'Neill, Center for Genome Innovations, University of Connecticut
Retroelements and noncoding RNAs: what non-model systems reveal about centromere function
Host: Holmes

November 16+

Mark Emerson, CCNY
Illuminating the developmental origins of neuronal diversity
Host: Johnson

November 30*

Dmitry Korzhnev, UCONN Health Center
Translesion synthesis DNA polymerases: from structure to drug discovery
Host: Hingorani

December 7+

Michelle Markstein
Vive la Resistance! Evidence that Multidrug Resistance is an Ancient Stem Cell Trait
Host: Johnson

+Hosted by the Department of Biology
*Hosted by the Department of MB&B
^Hosted by the Biophysics Program