• When and where is Jumuah prayer held?
    Jumuah (Friday) prayer is held every week in the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life, 169 High St. at 2:00 p.m.
  • How can I further my knowledge about Islam on campus?

    There are a variety of ways that one can further his/her knowledge about Islam on campus. The Muslim Chaplain has held study circles every week which have ranged from studying the life of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to understanding the meaning of the Sacred Qur’an. The Muslim Student's Association along with the Muslim chaplain also sponsor many outreach events on campus which have ranged from, “Marriage and Love in Islam,” to “Pacifism: The Jihad of the 21st Century.” Furthermore, Wesleyan continues to expand its course offerings on Islam, so be on the look out for those great opportunities. Furthermore, students may opt to email Imam Kaiser(kaslam@Wesleyan.edu) with their inquiries.

  • Does Wesleyan offer Halal dining options?

    Muslim students have recently been successful in bringing halal food to campus. Usdan Marketplace now serves halal options in its "Classics" section Monday through Thrusday at dinner time. 

    There are also halal organic prepared frozen meals available at WeShop. 

  • What does a Muslim chaplain do?

    A Muslim chaplain focuses on 5 core areas:


    Ministry: Offering spiritual guidance in Friday sermons through training community leaders, and fulfilling other religious rituals. Male students are trained to deliver the khutba at Wesleyan University.


    Guidance counseling: Assisting students with life's simple and difficult challenges, from theological concerns to family relations to time management, and everything in between. 


    Advocacy: Working closely with university administration in ensuring that essential Muslim needs are accommodated on campus, including prayer space, halal dining options, etc.


    Teaching: Organizing educational seminars, lectures, forums, and discussions throughout the year on a variety of topics relating to Islamic beliefs, ethics, and spirituality, which are open to the entire campus community.


    Building interfaith relations: Developing opportunities and programs for healthy conversations and activities between religious communities on campus.

  • What are your (the chaplain’s) office hours?

    Imam Kaiser's office hours are:

    Mondays 4-5pm

    Wednesday 4-5pm

    Fridays 2:30-3:30pm

    Or email him and make an appointment! 

  • How large and diverse is the Muslim population on campus?

    Wesleyan has a respectable Muslim population that is certainly diverse. We have international students from various countries as well as American Muslims from all over the country, spanning from California to New York. On campus, both Sunni and Shi’a students work closely together and are always anxious to learn, reflect, question, and feel safe doing so at Wesleyan. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join our family no matter where you feel you may be on the religious spectrum. 

  • Are there masaajid in the area that I can attend?

    The Islamic Association of Greater Hartford:

    Address: 1781 Wilbur Cross Highway Berlin, CT 06037.

    Phone: (860) 829- 6411.


    Farmington Valley American Muslim Center

    Address: 35 Harris Road, Avon CT 06001


    The Islamic Center of the Jafaria Association of Connecticut is an Islamic Center of the Shi’a ithna-ashari Muslims.

    Address: 1 Meriden Road, Middlefield, CT 06481.

    Phone: 860-704-8472.