Student Employment Opportunities

SALD offers many employment and involvement opportunities on campus, all of which are listed below. If you are interested in any of the positions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Event Staff
Event Staff are students representing the Office of Student Activities and Ledership Development and assisting Public Safety as a positive peer presence at student organized and student run social events. Event staff assist event hosts in managing entrances and exits of event venues and maintaining safety and organization throughout the event. We accept applications for Event Staff on an ongoing basis. When positions become available, applicants will be notified and interviews scheduled.

Leadership Intern
The Leadership Intern helps to support SALD’s mission to foster and encourage leadership skill development among student leaders. In working to achieve this goal the Intern collaborates with student organizations and other involved leaders on campus to conduct programs and trainings, facilitate dialogues, create resources, and seeks feedback from current students.

Queer Community Intern
The Queer Community Intern is responsible for being a resource for and maintaining communication with the various LGBTQQ organizations and groups on campus, as well as with LGBTQQ allies among alumni, faculty, and administration. The intern also maintains the Queer Resource Center and organizes monthly Queer Community Meetings and other campus-wide social and educational programs. The intern typically has an interest in multi-political organizing--recognizing the complex interconnections among issues of sexual orientation, gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, class, ableism, etc., aiming to build bridges between the various multicultural communities on campus. The QC Intern is a member of the Student Affairs Intern Team.

Student of Color Coalition Intern
The SCC Intern provides peer assistance and support to Wesleyan’s various multicultural/ethnic organizations. In particular, the Intern offers advocacy and support to student organizations and works to build bridges between different identity groups. The Intern also co-chairs the Student of Color Coalition (SCC), a group intended to bring together different student leaders of color in one space to share resources and promote dialogue. The SCC Intern is a member of the Student Affairs Intern Team.

Student Office Assistant
SALD Office Assistants serve as support for all of the professional staff members in the office. Not only do they assist with room request processing, database management, the position also provides opportunities for students to design and develop projects that will help with the growth of the office and its initiatives.

Usdan Center Activities Board (UCAB)
UCAB is designed to encourage evening and weekend use of the Usdan University Center (UUC) and provide additional social and community building activities for Wesleyan Students. UCAB consists of a small group of students who work to plan weekly Thursday night events and occasional weekend events in Usdan. Click above to learn more about UCAB.