Student Accounts Enrollment Hold


The Student Accounts Office has a hold on your enrollment because your account has not been paid in full or a monthly payment plan is in arrears.  To see your balance due, please click on the "Student Account Center" link in the Financial Information section of your WesPortal.  

The office must have either the payment due or confirmation from an outside lending agency that an approved loan is in the process of being disbursed directly to the University.  If the hold is due to a monthly payment plan being in arrears, the plan must be brought current.  While you may participate in Drop/Add you do not have charging privileges at Usdan Center Store or Broad Street Books.  You will also be prohibited from participating in course pre-registration, housing selection process, study abroad application process and may be subject to disenrollment.

The following is information about making payments to your student account:

E-Check:  E-Check is a convenient, quick, online way to debit a bank account directly.  This can be accomplished utilizing the Student Account Center through your WesPortal.  E-check payments will immediately post to your student account.  You will need your bank account and routing number (not debit card number) to submit an e-check.

Personal Check or Money Order:  The University accepts personal checks and money orders, which should be made payable to Wesleyan University.  Be sure to include the student ID on the check or money order. Because your account balance must be resolved quickly paper checks should be sent by Federal Express or UPS (priority mail is not delivered to this address) to the following address:

Wesleyan University Student Accounts Office
North College 1st Floor
237 High Street
Middletown, CT 06459

International Payments: 

Monthly Payment Plan: Tuition Management Systems provides a five month plan per semester.  Enrollment is completed through Student Account Center for students and their authorized participants.  The plan must be paid-to-date to clear an enrollment hold.

Credit & Debit Cards:  The University does not accept credit or debit card payments for undergraduate or graduate student bills.