The Usdan University Center at Wesleyan University is a focal point of activity and central programming space for the campus community.  It provides a comfortable gathering place for students, staff, faculty, alumni and visitors and plays a significant role in enhancing the sense of community on campus. Programs in the Usdan Center foster the intellectual exchange between students, faculty, staff and alumni.


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Event Calendar

Apr 23

Faculty Dialogue with ITS

12:00 pm

Faculty meeting with ITS leadership over lunch for an open dialogue on issues of interest to the faculty. The agenda for these meetings will be driven by faculty submissions. It is helpful, but not essential, to have agenda items submitted in advance to Donna Moore ( ).

Center for Humanities: Monday Night Lecture Series

06:00 pm

Stephanie Burt, Harvard University Twitter Stevens, Tumblr Stevens What can present-day social media, Twitter and Tumblr and Instagram and those of us whose social lives take place there, learn from the poetry of Wallace Stevens? What can readers and critics of modern poetry-- especially readers of Stevens-- learn from how we now use social media? The answer turns out to be: a lot; more than you'd think; and in ways specific to Stevens, specific to his unusually quotable, eminently shareable, perhaps notably disembodied, complicated, and (for all their intricacies) emotionally urgent poems.