Welcome to WesStation!

Located in the lower level of the Usdan University Center, WesStation is here for all of your postal needs!

Fall Semester Hours:

  • Faculty /Staff only pick-up: M-F 9am-10am
  • Full campus community hours: Postal Window M-F 10am – 4:30pm, Package Window M-F 10am-6pm
  • Package Window on 9/4-5 and 9/11-12 11 am to 3 pm

Please entre Usdan at the Southeast door of USdan (by the FedEx box).  The line for package pick-up and the postal window will begin in the hallway.  Exit should be through the internal staircase or elevator.


 WesStation is our post office.  Please remember to frequently check your mailbox!  You will be suprosed at how many peple still send you items through regular mail: cards, tax documents, pay stubs, etc. If you ever think something is missing, check your mailbox.

 Also, very important: When packages arrive there is typically a two day delay. Priority mail will be processed more quickly

If you need to get something quickly, have it shipped overnight mail (any service) as those packages get sorted more quickly.

Parents: When you mail anything to your student please make sure to use the correct address and list their WesBox Number.  Otherwise it will be returned to sender.  If you want to send flowers make sure to select a weekday delivery as WesStation is closed on weekends. The mailing address is 45 Wyllys Ave. Box #XXXXXX Middletown, CT 06459




Due to the declining volume of paper mail, WesStation will be running a pilot program this year with a return to mail delivery to campus one day a week.  Departments will still be able to pick up and drop off mail at WesStation during regular business hours throughout the week, Monday-Friday.  The mail delivery to campus will be each Wednesday morning beginning on September 8th.

Mail carriers (FedEx, UPS, Amazon, etc.) have been instructed to begin delivering packages to the addresses listed on the package (and not to deliver to WesStation).  If you have issues with your package delivery returning to your building, please contact John Negrich at jnegrich@wesleyan.edu

If you or someone from your department will not be able to pick up a package, we can return it to sender. Email packages@wesleyan.edu for assistance with RTS.


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