African American Studies

The African American Studies Program at Wesleyan offers a dynamic interdisciplinary approach to the study of people of African descent in the Black Atlantic world, especially in the United States and in the Caribbean.  The major enables undergraduates to bring the methodologies, theories, and insights of diverse disciplines to bear on their studies of the history, literature, politics, culture, and art of peoples of African descent.  Courses, which range from seminars to larger discussion classes, are informed by theoretical and empirical approaches and explore topics such as conceptualizations of race, issues of race and identity, as well as the social structures, cultural traditions, and political realities of Africans in the Diaspora.  

News & Events

The AFAM Department is pleased to share that the Association of Black Women Historians awarded Kaisha Esty, Assistant Professor of African American Studies, the Woods Brown article prize for her first article, “I Told Him to Let Me Alone, That He Hurt Me: Black Women and Girls and the Battle Over Labor and Sexual Consent in Union-Occupied Territory”. Professor Esty received the award at the annual conference at the University of Southern California ealier this month.  


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