Study Abroad Opportunities

Majors in Archaeology are encouraged to spend a semester abroad, usually in the junior year. Study abroad is possible at a number of institutions with well-established programs in archaeology, anthropology and history, many of which provide opportunities to tour archaeological and historical sites in addition to coursework. Wesleyan students have recently participated in semesters abroad at these institutions:

Intercollegiate Center in Rome
Provides the opportunity to study firsthand the monuments and culture of ancient and modern Italy. 
Contact:   Christopher Parslow

College Year in Athens
Provides the opportunity to study for a semester or full year in Rome, with courses dedicated to Mediterranean archaeology, classical languages and literature, and regular tours/on-site study of archaeological sites and monuments around Greece. Contact:  Kate Birney

Institute of Archaeology at the University College London (London, UK)
Offers courses in the archaeology of the Middle East, Mediterranean, Europe and South America, in 
addition to seminars in archaeological technologies, theory and museum studies.

University of Edinburgh
Offers courses in Classical, Near Eastern and European archaeology with opportunities for fieldwork in Scotland, France and southern Europe.

Students interested in the Edinburgh or UCL programs  should contact the Office of Study Abroad at Wesleyan for details about applications, financial eligibility and transferable credit.  Transferable credit applied must first receive pre-approval from the ARCP faculty to be applied towards the the Archaeology Major or Minor.