What Will You Do?

Respecting Traffic Signals and Cross Walks


On your way to class you have to stop for the traffic light on High Street. You watch as a group of students cross the street without waiting for the walk light—causing traffic to come to a sudden stop.


  • Direct: Call out to the crowd: "Please be careful! No one wants an accident!"
  • Shift Attitudes: The first step is to share this with an ally to vent your frustrations. As you talk, the two of you may come up with ideas—including modeling the behavior you want to see. Maybe you can make it a point to always use the walk lights whenever you cross, and talk about it in your department, so more people are doing this.
  • Delegate: A call to Public Safety to share your concerns may prompt some ideas from them. Perhaps they can schedule a session or two of monitoring the crosswalk or send out a campus-wide safety message.