A staff member proposed that the university purchase 180 shovels, one for each house on campus, and 60 canisters of ice melt (12 pound containers). She researched the pricing, purchased both items and hand delivered them to every faculty, staff and graduate house on campus during the first two weeks in December. Because she thought ahead about safety and for planning well in advance of the first snowfall, Wesleyan was better equipped to weather the storms.

Mike Conte, associate director of physical plant, observed two members of the community on the outdoor track engaged in a loud verbal confrontation over a personal matter.  He stayed and observed the situation from a distance to ensure that the confrontation did not escalate.  After one left, he remained discreetly in the area to make sure they did not return.  In this way he ensured their safety while still remaining at a distance.

Over 70 employees have office space in North College. interaction among departments and floors can be sporadic.  That changed when Maureen Isleib and Renee Johnson-Thornton arranged for occasional meet and greet potlucks.  The effort has been very popular and led to a friendlier and more cohesive workspace.

Kevin Webster, electrical shop foreperson, responded to a service call.   While there, he took the time to find an alternate route for a person with a disability and escorted the individual to their destination in order to help shield them from the rain.  When they arrived at the door of the building, the automatic door opener was not working and Kevin was there to assist with access.

A staff member noticed the flag in front of North College was on the ground.  Rather than walk-by, he picked the flag off the ground and retied the rope, temporarily raising the flag so that it was no longer on the ground.  He then phoned public safety so it could be more permanently addressed.

A staff member gathered up discarded plates, utensils and trays and returned them to Usdan Dining Services.  This small act helps Wesleyan reduce dishware replacement costs and become that much more sustainable.

Krystal Gayle O’Neill, area coordinator, took the initiative to create a “Women at Wesleyan” group on campus. The women’s group has sponsored a number of events including two book club discussions, workshops on self-defense and on investing, as well as “meet and greet” lunches at local restaurants.  Krystal created a forum for women at Wesleyan to come together as a community of support and resources.

Olivia Drake shared -  last spring I injured my knee on campus and needed surgery. This required me relocating my office to the basement of South College, as I could not climb the steps to the third floor. Every day, four of my wonderful colleagues (Cynthia Rockwell, Lauren Rubenstein, Laurie Kenney and Sara Morrison) would take turns checking on me and making sure I had an ample supply of coffee. They would bring me lunch and water, and also check on my well-being for two weeks after my surgery.