Fulbright-National Geographic Fellowship

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The Fulbright-National Geographic Fellowship offers opportunities for selected student grantees to participate in an academic year of storytelling or science communication on a globally significant theme. This fellowship was made possible through a partnership with the U.S. Department of State and National Geographic Society. The program seeks researchers with a talent and passion for storytelling in a variety of forms, including text, photography, video, audio/podcasts, public speaking, maps, and graphic illustrations. Proposals should be an extension of the applicant's Fulbright research or arts project and should undertake an in-depth examination of a globally relevant issue. Under the current rules, only those who are selected as a finalist for the Fulbright Study/Research award they applied to are eligible to receive a National Geographic Storytelling grant.

The Fulbright National Geographic Fellowship is an extension grant that applicants to the Fulbright Study/Research category have the option of applying for if they advance to semifinalist status in January of the year following the submission of their Fulbright application. Those applicants who think they might be interested in this extension grant, which provides an additional $20,000 in funding to those selected as Fulbright-National Geographic Storytelling Fellows, should check a box in their initial Fulbright application and include an additional summary of their proposal in the designated place in the online application. Only those who advance to semifinalist status will complete Round 1 of the National Geographic Storytelling application process in early spring of the following year. Then, those who succeed in Round 1 will submit a Round 2 application.

Award: In addition to receiving standard Fulbright benefits (for travel, stipend, health, etc.) and a materials and reporting special allowance, Storytellers receive instruction in storytelling techniques - including effective blog writing, video production, photography, public speaking - and other relevant training by National Geographic staff prior to their departure, have the possibility of accessing camera equipment through their affiliation with National Geographic, and receive an addition $20,000 grant to support their storytelling on top of the stipend for the Fulbright grant.


  • U.S. citizens and U.S. nationals
  • Selected for Fulbright Study/Research Grant by the eligible country to which they applied and meet the criteria of the Fulbright Study/Research requirements of the host country
  • Must have a bachelor's degree or equivalent before the start of the grant

Application Materials: 

  • Due for Fulbright National Deadline (in October): A Completed Fulbright Study/Research Application
    • Online Application (Biographical Data, Education History, Extracurricular Involvement)
    • Personal Statement 
    • Statement of Grant Purpose
    • Foreign Language Evaluation (if you have relevant language skills and where language is a requirement for the award) 
    • 3 Letters of Recommendation  
    • Unofficial Transcript 
  • Due in Spring of the Following Year
    • Storytelling Application Round 1
    • Storytelling Application Round 2, including portfolio materials and proposed budget

Selection Criteria:

  • Preference given to candidates with demonstrated experience, talent, and passion for storytelling