Fellowships Support at Wesleyan

The Fellowships office at the Fries Center supports students and alumni in pursuing global and domestic learning opportunities referred to as national fellowships. We help you identify opportunities aligned with your personal and professional goals, and we are committed to making the application process welcoming, transparent, and inclusive. We collaborate with the Resource Center, WesMaSS, the Mellon Mays Program, and the McNair Program to improve access to fellowships for applicants from underrepresented groups and the Office of International Student Affairs to improve our advising for international students. We work with the Writing Workshop to arrange peer writing support for applicants thier application essays for competitive fellowships.

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Fellowship News

2023 Wesleyan Fulbright Fellows Begin Their Work

  The interests and accomplishments of Wesleyan’s current cohort of Fulbright Fellowship recipients is diverse, ranging from education to translation to refugee reception to tracing ancient trade routes across the Mediterranean. “This reflects something that I’m not sure people realize about the Fulbright program: with hundreds of distinctly different grants available across more than 140 […]

Wesleyan Students Receive Goldwater Scholarship

Two promising young scientists at Wesleyan, Aaron Berson ’24 and Jessica Luu ’24, were chosen for the distinguished Barry Goldwater Scholarship, given annually to hundreds of college sophomores and juniors across the nation pursuing research in the natural sciences, mathematics, and engineering. “Because of their degree of involvement in research, many Wesleyan undergraduates are—if their […]

Wesleyan Students, Alumni Earn National Science Foundation Fellowships

This spring several current and former Wesleyan students were awarded a National Science Foundation Award. This fellowship award is among the most prestigious available in the category. The National Science Foundation (NSF) provides about 25 percent of the federal financial support for research at colleges and universities in the United States. On average, it provides […]
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