Application Essay Examples

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Note: All these documents are within the word/page limit, but because some of them are shared as Google docs, they may display differently.

Watson Fellowship

Project proposal and personal statement - Livia Cox, '22

Project proposal - Momi Afelin '19 

Project proposal - Justin Kim '19

Fulbright Study/Research Awards

Statement of grant purpose - Research (Interdisciplinary Studies) - Mira Guth '18 (Mira has agreed to share the personal statement with prospective applicants on an individual basis. Please email her using your Wesleyan email.)

Statement of grant purpose - Research (Astrophysics) - David Vizgan '21

Statement of grant purpose - Research (Psychology) - Amad Amedy '19

Statement of grant purpose - Graduate Study (Physics) - Abe Kipnis '19

Statement of grant purpose - Creative and Performing Arts (Creative Writing) - Jed Munson '19

Fulbright English Teaching Assistant (ETA) Awards

Statement of grant purpose - Alexandra Prendergast '22

Statement of grant purpose - Lupita Sanchez '20

Personal statement - Lupita Sanchez '20

Statement of grant purpose - Katie Murray '19

Personal statement - Katie Murray '19

Statement of grant purpose - Emma Porrazzo '19