Rhodes Scholarship

How to apply



The Rhodes Scholarship is a fully funded, full-time, postgraduate award to study at the University of Oxford. Rhodes Scholars come to the UK for two years with an option to pursue an extended year or more of study. 

Established in 1902, the Rhodes Scholarship is among the oldest and most prestigious international scholarships in the world. The University of Oxford is the oldest institution in the English-speaking world, and there is evidence that teaching started in 1096. The University of Oxford has an international reputation for world-leading research, teaching, and resources. Scholars will be a part of a life-long international community that includes leaders in government, media, and academia. 


  • University of Oxford course fees for at least two years
  • Monthly stipend for living expenses
  • Student visa fee covered by the fellowship
  • Access to the UK National Health Service
  • Travel to and from Oxford and home country


The Rhodes Scholarship is looking for students who demonstrate academic excellence, energy to use one’s talents to their full potential, a commitment to public service and the welfare of others, and show great promise of leadership. 

For United States applicants: 


Candidates will have a higher chance of successful admission to Oxford if they have a GPA of 3.70/4.0 or higher (with no rounding), so this is a requirement for US applicants. 

Age Eligibility:

You must meet either of the below criteria: 

i. You must be aged 18-23 on 1st October of your application year 

OR (for older candidates who completed their first undergraduate degree later than usual) 

ii. You must be under the age of 27 on 1st October of your application year AND you must also have completed your first undergraduate degree on or after 1 October two years before you application year

Selection Criteria

The Rhodes selection criteria are the same as those used for the first cohort of scholars way back in 1902. The following are quoted directly from the selection criteria page of the Rhodes website:

  • Literary and scholastic attainments (academic excellence)
  • Energy to use one’s talents to the full (as demonstrated by mastery in areas such as sports, music, debate, dance, theatre, and artistic pursuits, particularly where teamwork is involved)
  • Truth, courage, devotion to duty, sympathy for and protection of the weak, kindliness, unselfishness, and fellowship
  • Moral force of character and instincts to lead, and to take an interest in one’s fellow beings.

About the Rhodes Constituencies

The Rhodes Scholarship is divided into constituencies, different review and selection committees rooted in various countries and regions of the world. The United States has the largest constituency, with 32 scholars annually, and Canada is the second largest, with 11 Scholars. Follow this link to find more information about which countries have constituencies and their sizes.Rhodes also offers a Global Scholarship for candidates whose home country does not have a pre-existing constituency. 

The Canada, Global, and US constituencies require nomination by the applicant’s alma mater; this requirement applies for both alumni and seniors. Other constituencies do not have this requirement, but we offer participation in a campus interview to any candidate who would like to complete our campus process in order to strengthen their application. 

The selection process differs for each constituency differ, so please refer to this page to check your eligibility. 

For the United States, Scholars are selected each year from 16 different regions, with two from each region. To find what region your home state or territory is grouped into, follow this link.

The Rhodes application form requires you to provide the following:  

  • Your details, such as contact information  
  • Evidence that you meet the eligibility criteria  
  • Your education history, including your university transcripts  
  • The course(s) you would like to study at the University of Oxford  
  • A CV  
  • An Academic Statement  
  • A Personal Statement  
  • A total of at least five, but not more than eight, referees 

How to Apply

Applications for the Rhodes Scholarship typically open in June each year, in advance of the October deadline each fall.
  1. Start considering the Rhodes Scholarship in June of the year before you intend to start graduate studies, or, ideally, earlier. 
  2. Learn about the award: visit the program’s website; check your eligibility (and determine which constituency you should apply to), and read about alumni from the program.
  3. Consider who you might ask to write letters of recommendation for you and cultivate these relationships early. Letters of recommendation are an important part of any Rhodes application (regardless of constituency).
  4. Book an appointment with the Office of Fellowships staff to shape your strategy for this application and your broader plans. Given the different selection criteria of each constituency of the Rhodes Scholarship, please book an appointment for the Office of Fellowships when you start considering the application.
  5. Draft your academic statement and book a draft review appointment with the Office of Fellowships. For your personal statement for Rhodes, you cannot discuss the statement directly with anyone and you will be asked to sign a document confirming that you did not have anyone provide comments, feedback, or edits. 
  6. Submit your application for the campus deadline to the Office of Fellowships (typically the campus deadline is in the second half of August).
  7. If you are nominated (or if you are applying to a constituency that does not use nomination), submit your complete application via the online portal on the Rhodes website by the October deadline.