Preparing for Your Return


The Pre-Registration process while you are abroad will be identical to those on campus, except your faculty advisor will advise you over email/skype and be able to approve your ranked plan without a face-to-face meeting. Karri Van Blarcom of the Registrar’s Office has provided the following link so that you can familiarize yourself with the process and timeline. Any questions about the process or your particular situation should be sent to Karri at

Pre-Registration Letter

University Housing

Students Returning to Wesleyan Fall Semester from a Spring Program

While students will not physically be on campus for housing selection, they will still be able to participate in the process and select housing for the fall semester. Please pay attention to all emails and important deadlines starting in February. Students will be able to register for housing selection remotely via their WesPortal. They are able to select housing with the help of a proxy. Information regarding how to indicate your proxy will be sent out to students before the noon selection portion of the Housing Selection begins. 

Students Returning to Wesleyan Spring Semester from a Fall Program

Housing options are often limited for students returning to campus in the spring. Students returning from abroad in the spring should therefor exercise flexibility in marking their preferences. The greater the flexibility, the more likely that one of the preferences marked will be honored. Point adjustments are not granted for mid-year placement. It is for these reasons that we encourage students to consider spring or year-long study abroad, so as to be able to participate in the housing selection process for the fall semester on an equal footing with all other students.

We outline below the three ways students can secure housing when they anticipate returning to campus for the spring semester. 

    1. Spring Preference Form: Students should complete the Spring Housing Preference form available in their e-portfolio 2 weeks into the fall semester. Students returning from abroad or leave for spring are assigned to vacancies that open over the winter break. ResLife will not know in advance how many singles or apartments will be available.   

    2. Program Housing: Spaces become available in program housing on a rolling basis, as students firm up their plans to study abroad or to take mid-year leave. Applications for spring program housing are available through the ResLife section of your e-portfolio beginning on November 1st. Please click on the "Housing and Staff Selection" link to access them. A timeline for the mid-year program house process is available in the selection website.

    3. Pull-In Form: Starting on November 1, the pull-in form is available to students currently living on campus. Students remaining on campus for the spring use this form to pull someone in their residence for the spring semester, as vacancies emerge. Students who plan to leave for the spring semester are not able to pull a student into the space that they will vacate. ResLife will confirm that all returning students receive class appropriate housing prior to considering requests for students from a different class year. The pull-in form can only be completed by the residents remaining on campus for the spring. All room/housemates must sign off on the form. These forms are due to ResLife by the third Friday in November. Once submitted, the Assignments Coordinator will contact the student being pulled in to confirm the assignment.