Credit From Abroad


It can take up to several months for transcripts to be received and processed by the Office of Study Abroad. Upon return a student must complete a Program Evaluation FormCompleting the evaluation is required before the Office of Study Abroad can release a student's grades.  One can access the form through WesPortal (Academics > Study Abroad Information & Application > Program Evaluation Form). Students seeking to complete the form who studied abroad prior to Summer 2019 will go to (Academics > Study Abroad Information & Application > Student Abroad Pre-Summer 2019 > Program Evaluation Form).

Major Certification

If you followed the Academic Regulations, you secured approval for courses to count for your major before you left or as soon as you were enrolled in abroad. As long as you communicated this to the Office of Study Abroad, we will process these credits on your behalf for your Major Certification form in your WesPortal. If the courses you ended up completing differ from those originally approved, or if approval for these courses was subject to contingencies, you will need to contact your advisor to request an override for your Major Certification.

General Education

If you would like for a course taken abroad to satisfy a General Education expectation, contact the Associate Director of Study Abroad at You will need to provide a course description or full syllabus in order for the course to be evaluated.