Summer Language Study 

Many students prefer to take their introductory year of Latin or Greek over the summer, which allows them to jump right into the intermediate level classes - classes which typically focus on the literature of a single author - when they return in the fall. Summer intensive language programs in Greek or Latin are offered by a number of institutions nationwide, so it is usually easy to find a program close to home, or in a city where Wesleyan students often choose to find summer work. 

Need help with summer tuition? Through small grants from the Squire Fund, the Wesleyan Classics department will offset tuition costs for any student who completes an approved summer intensive Greek or Latin program. You can learn more about applying to the Squire fund here.

Some Programs across the US:

Austin, TX  The University of Texas at Austin offers in-person and web-based 10-week Latin & Greek intensive courses.

Berkeley, CA  UC Berkeley offers 10-week Greek & Latin courses designed to replace two semesters of instruction. The Summer 2022 courses will be held online.

Cambridge, MA  Harvard University summer sessions offers both intensive and regular Latin & Greek instruction, including some in person and some online class options.

Chicago, IL  All Summer Language Institute courses at the University of Chicago will be taught remotely. The SLI provides and both beginner and intermediate intensives in both Latin & Greek. 

Los Angeles, CA  Greek Intensive at UCLA will be available in person only, while the Latin Intensive will be available both online and in person

New York, NY  City University of New York's Greek & Latin Institute beginner and upper level Greek and Latin intensives cover four to six semesters of college-level instruction in 10 weeks.     

Washington, D.C. Catholic University of America's Department of Greek & Latin offers six week courses for beginner, intermediate, and advanced language learners.

What about language study in Greece or Rome? Calder Classics offers intensive beginner and intermediate Latin and Greek summer programs in Italy and Greece for students of all ages.  Positions are also available for chaperones and assistant teachers.  (For additional information, feel free to contact Beth Alexion '16