Centralizing Staff Vacancy Salary and Benefits Savings Policy

Effective July 1, 2008, all departmental salary/benefits from staff vacancies will be centralized.  This new approach provides two benefits:

  • Establishes a mechanism to identify campus-wide ongoing budget savings.
  • Creates equity across departments regarding how vacancy savings are used including additional pay amounts.

Upon notice of termination, the Financial Planning Office will reduce budgets on a one-time basis by removing salary and associated benefit dollars from departmental budgets based on final employment dates and vacation payouts. These transfers will be done monthly. Departments cannot spend any of these savings without Vice President for Finance and Administration, Human Resources, and Financial Planning approvals. 

It is expected that most vacancies will not require backfill. However, in limited circumstances, if the department determines that it needs backfill resulting from the vacancy, it can request approval to either hire a temp or provide additional pay/hours to existing staff. In these cases, please contact Human Resources to determine the appropriate form to fill out. Please note central funding for backfill requests will not be retroactive.