International Compensation and Taxation

What We Do

International Compensation and Taxation (ICT) supports Wesleyan to successfully compensate and tax the University’s foreign national students, scholars, employees, and visitors.  ICT is responsible for ensuring compliance with foreign payment and taxation regulations and procedures, as well as providing guidance for the University’s employees working outside of the United States.  ICT stays current with relevant U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), Department of Labor (DOL), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and Connecticut Department of Revenue Services (CT DRS) regulations, policies, and compliance.

Immigration and Tax Assessment

All Foreign Nationals who are employed on campus or who will receive a honorarium, fellowship, scholarship, stipend, prize/award, reimbursement, or other payment processed through the University Controller’s Office are required to complete an Immigration and Tax Assessment. 

An Immigration and Tax Assessment is a validation of visa status and review of your tax status in the United States based on factors such as, but not limited to, visa status, days of presence, past visa history, etc.  In some cases, you may be exempt from some or all tax withholding under a tax treaty exemption between your country of residence and the US, however, you will not be eligible for these exemptions until you complete your Immigration and Tax Assessment.  You should schedule an assessment as soon as you know that you (1) are going to be employed on campus, (2) will receive a honorarium, fellowship, scholarship, stipend, prize/award, reimbursement, or (3) will receive any payment from the University Controller’s Office. 

An Immigration and Tax Assessment is a requirement of your employment or remuneration, and MUST be completed prior to conducting any services for the University.  Wesleyan uses Sprintax TDS to process your Immigration and Tax Assessment.  Individuals require an email activation link to access Sprintax TDS for the first time.  Please contact Christine Rodrigue at to request an activation link.