International Organization Employment

This is employment authorization for F-1 students who have a job offer from a recognized International Organization (as specified by the International Organization Immunities Act).


To qualify for this type of employment authorization, you must:

  • have valid F-1 status
  • be enrolled full-time
  • have a job offer from a recognized International Organization

Employment Restrictions

  • You may work a maximum of 20 hours per week during the school year, and full-time (over 20 hours per week ) during vacation periods.
  • You may not start employment until the start date as indicated on the Employment Authorization Document (EAD).  You must stop employment by the expiration date on the EAD or by the date you finish your studies, whichever is earlier. 
  • You must remain a full-time student and make full-time progress toward dregree completion while working for the international organization.
  • Time spent working for an international organization does NOT count against your 12 months of Optional Practical Training (OPT).

Application Process


Meet with a OISA and provide the following documents:

  • your I-20, I-94 record, and passport
  • a job offer letter from a recognized international organization
  • a letter from your academic advisor, stating:
    • that you are in good academic standing
    • your anticipated completion of studies date
    • your advisor's recommendation that you accept this internship

Once your application is approved, a new Form I-20 with the employment recommendation will be issued.


Prepare the additional documents for the OPT application:

  • Photocopy of new Form I-20 with employment recommendation
  • Photocopies of all of your previously issued I-20s (include I-20s from previous schools if applicable)
  • Two passport-style photographs (name, date of birth, I-94 card number and SEVIS number must be written on the back).  Photos must be take within the last 30 days and cannot have previously been used for a passport, visa, or other U.S. government-related application
  • A check or money order, in the amount of $550, made payable to the US Departmetn of Homeland Security.  If paying by check, be sure that your name and address are pre-printed on it.  If you have to hand write in either your name or address on the check, then we recommend getting a money order instead.  Write your SEVIS ID on the check/money order.  DO NOT send your money order separate from the application.  Your money order should be included with your other application materials.
  • Form G-1145, in order to receive an e-notification of application receipt from USCIS
  • A photocopy of your F-1 visa (except for citizens of Canada and Bermuda)
  • A photocopy of your passport identification page, clearly indicating your passport name, nationality, date of birth, and the passport expiration date
  • Photocopies of any previously-issued Employment Authorization Document (EAD), if applicable


Mail your application to the USCIS.  If you reside in CT, mail your application to:


For U.S. Postal Service (USPS):

P.O. Box 660867
Dallas, TX  75266

For FedEx, UPS, and DHL delivery:

Attn:  NFB AOS
2501 S. State Hwy. 121 Business
Suite 400
Lewisville, TX  75067


Track your application.  Once the USCIS receives your application, they will send you an electronic notification within 2-3 weeks and a paper notification with 3-5 weeks.  You can then check the request status using the Receipt Number on the USCIS website

Be sure to notify OISA if:

  • you do not receive both receipts within these timelines
  • you notice any mistakes on your EAD
  • you receive a denial or request for more information from USCIS