Checks, Check Runs & Deadlines

The Accounts Payable department has a check run once a week on Wednesdays. Vouchers received in the AP inbox by 4 pm on Friday can be paid the following Wednesday. Keep in mind Wesleyan's Net terms. A voucher that has not met the Net term will need a request to be paid earlier. This request must be made in the "Instruction to AP" field on the voucher.

Please read the Monthly Financial Newsletters or emails from AP for early holiday or year end deadlines.

A/P checks marked with direct departmental handling codes will be mailed directly to the departments and by Friday afternoon following the Payment Cycle on Wednesday.

It is the responsibility of the requestor to know when a check is to be picked up. A check marked as "dept to pickup" will be mailed directly to the payee if it has not been picked up by Friday at 4 pm for the week requested.

We request that you not hold vouchers for last minute submission. Please send us your vouchers as you receive and complete them. 

Wesleyan does not pay by a statement, you need to have the original invoices from the vendors and original receipts when requesting a reimbursement.

Processing Vouchers

  • A Travel Advance request or the clearing of a Travel Advance is submitted directly to  See Travel Policy
  • A Travel Expense Reimbursement is submitted into the WFS system on a voucher.  See Travel Policy
  • Mileage rate - The University will reimburse transportation costs to the extent such costs exceed the normal daily cost to commute to their office.  The University will reimburse for business miles driven in a personal vehicle.
  • When processing a Travel or AP Voucher for a Non-US Citizen, vouchers must be submitted directly to Christine Rodrigue in the Finance Office.  See Policies & Procedures for Paying & Employing Non U.S. Citizens at Wesleyan 
  • When processing performance payments greater than $1000 for Athletes or Entertainers living outside Connecticut are subject to 6.7% State of CT A&E Tax withheld from the payment.
  • Vendors who require payments in foreign currency must submit a bank letter with the wire instructions attached to voucher.  Please add JMANTIE01 to the end of workflow and be sure to include in the notes to AP that this is a request to wire funds.


Payment requests must include appropriate approval as follows:

Vendors - Payments greater than $500 require two signatures to certify the following:

  • Validity of the expense – the product was received or work performed as expected
  • Accounting – the account number is appropriate with available budget
  • Compliance – the expenditure is compliant with applicable policies and regulations (e.g., payments to non US citizens, restricted accounts and grant awards)

One signature is acceptable only if the total invoice amount is less than $500 and with department approval.  Payment requests greater than or equal to $500 must be signed by two people.  Generally, the two signatures would be that of the purchaser and the supervisor, department head or fiscal manager

Wesleyan employees:

Payments made to Wesleyan employees via Accounts Payable are generally made when the employee requests a travel reimbursement, travel advance or reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses.  Requests must be supported by original documentation, including the business purpose of the purchase.   (Note:  Students are not considered University employees for this purpose.)  Payments made to Wesleyan employees for services performed must go through Payroll. 

Non-employee individuals:

These payments are generally made to independent contractors for services performed, honoraria, travel reimbursements or athletes and entertainers.  Requests must be supported by original documentation.  (Note:  Students are not considered University employees for this purpose.)


Payments to students are generally made for expense reimbursement.  Requests must be supported by original documentation.  (Note:  students are not considered University employees for this purpose.)  Refer to the  Payroll website for making payments to students for hours worked.

Questions concerning these policies may be directed to Accounts Payable at