Wesleyan University offers the JPMorgan Chase PCard (Purchasing Card), sponsored by MasterCard, to all eligible staff and faculty.  The PCard is the preferred method of payment for low dollar, routine University purchases of goods and services as well as University travel expenses.  See Section VII for prohibited transactions.  All departments within the University are expected to have at least one active PCard to process departmental expenses. 

Benefits to the Cardholder and University include

Benefits to the Cardholder

  • Provides control, flexibility and convenience over purchase and payment of goods/services
  • Immediate payment to supplier may allow you to obtain goods/services faster and capture early payment discounts 
  • Eliminates need to use personal funds and process reimbursement requests 
  • Reduces need for Petty Cash (see XXX)
  • Access to online transaction review and reports in real time

Benefits to Wesleyan

  • Reduces administrative costs associated with invoice processing
  • Reduction of paperwork supporting the University's efforts toward "climate neutrality"
  • Consolidation of vendor base to increase ability to negotiate competitive pricing and excellent customer service
  • Enables departments and administration to focus on value-added activities

Corporate Liability

The PCard is issued in the name of and on behalf of Wesleyan University.  Although the employees' name appears on the card, Wesleyan is liable for all valid University-related charges and payments thereof.  There is no impact on the cardholder's personal credit history. 

University Use Only

All purchases made with the card are subject to the University's current Travel and Other Expense Policy.  The card may only be used for purchases related to Wesleyan business.  Use of the card for personal purchases is strictly prohibited and subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.  


To receive a Wesleyan Purchasing Card, the employee must complete a Card Application and obtain approvals from authorized Department Supervisor and Cabinet Member/Fiscal Manager.  The default Smartkey for cost allocation should be confirmed with your Fiscal Manager. 

The standard monthly limit on the card is $2,500 per billing cycle.  The standard transaction limit is $1,000 for goods and services which are otherwise in accordance with Wesleyan terms, conditions, and policies.  Other limits may be available with appropriate Cabinet member and Finance approval.  

Submit a completed application to aphelp@wesleyan.edu.  A completed application consists of all required applicant information, a designated default Smartkey, and signatures of applicant, department supervisor, and Cabinet Member/Fiscal Manager.  Once the Finance Office receives all required information, the standard processing time is approximately 10 business days. 


All newly issued PCards will be mailed directly from JPMorgan Chase to the University's Program Administrator in the Finance Office.  Cardholders will be contacted to pick up their PCard from the Finance Office.  


The cardholder is required to read the Purchasing Card Policies and Procedures prior to use of the card and comply with the terms set forth.  PCard training sessions are regularly offered and may be available upon request.  Contact the program administrator at pcardhelp@wesleyan.edu for details.  

To activate your card, call the 800 number on the activation sticker found on the front of the card.  The voice response unit at this number will ask for the cardholder's account number, followed by a request for a security code, individual to the cardholder.  Use the last four digits of your Wesleyan Employee ID.  Once entered, you will receive a confirmation that the card has been successfully activated.  Remove the sticker and sign the card immediately after activation and secure in a safe place. 


If available, activate you cash advance option on your card by calling 1-877-967-1100.  Use the last 4 digits of your WESID (not SSN) to activate.  Follow the instructions on the automated voice response system.  The PIN# will be effective one business day following the activation date.  

Activating your Cash Advance

If available, activate your cash advance option by calling 1-877-967-1100.  To create your 4 digit PIN number, provide the automated voice response system your credit card number and last 4 digits of your WESID (not SSN) upon request.  Your PIN# will be effective one business day following the activation date.  

Reconciling your Cash Advance

An itemized reconciliation for cash advance withdrawals is required as a separate attachment on the related PCard voucher along with all supporting receipts.  Include statement of business purposes, destination, and travel dates on your reconciliation.  Any excess funds not used must be deposited back to the appropriate Smartkey and Account 82450.  The approved deposit form should then be attached to the related PCard voucher. 


The PCard may be used to purchase goods and services in person at the vendor's site, over the phone or internet, via fax, or by mail.  See Section VII for prohibited transactions. 

When placing your order

  • Identify yourself as a Wesleyan employee
  • Inform the supplier that you are using a Wesleyan PCard
  • Provide the tax exempt status and tax exempt number listed on the front of your card
  • Inform the supplier that they are not to send a bill or invoice to the University
  • Provide cardholder information (name, PCard number, expiration date)
  • Provide delivery address, including building and room number
  • Provide description of goods and services to be ordered and confirm prices
  • Verify total order, including shipping and handling does not exceed your single purchase limit
  • Obtain an original, itemized receipt from the vendor
  • If purchasing by phone or internet, be sure to retain statement/invoice when item is delivered
  • Provide any other information necessary to make the purchase

If a vendor you regularly use does not currently accept MasterCard, contact Olga Bookas, Procurement Manager.  Provide name, address and phone number of the supplier so vendor may become MasterCard capable. 

State Tax Exempt Status

As a nonprofit institution of higher education, Wesleyan University may be eligible for exemption from Connecticut State Sales Tax as well as sales tax in other applicable states.  Wesleyan's CT Sales Tax Exemption #00291 is printed on the front of your PCard.  This number should be given to all U.S. vendors by the cardholders at the time of purchase.  If additional sales tax information is required by the vendor, contact Accounts Payable at aphelp@wesleyan.edu

If sales tax is bill incorrectly to the cardholder's account, it is the responsibility of the cardholder to dispute the charge. 

Documentation and Receipts

All charges must be supported by itemized receipts, invoices, or other vendor-generated document, which includes the following information:

  • Vendor name and address
  • Date of charge
  • Itemized list of goods/services purchased
  • Amount of charge
  • Payment method

Examples of acceptable documentation include, but are not limited to:

  • original, itemized vendor generated sales receipts
  • packing slips with dollar amount 
  • online order confirmation for internet purchases
  • subscription or dues forms
  • conference registration forms

*Note: All PCard expenses require a brief description of business purposes on the receipt/invoice, the voucher, or as a separate attachment to your voucher. 

If missing a receipt, indicate on the statement "missing receipt".  Provide a list of items purchased and a brief description of the business purposes.  Any charge not supported by an itemized receipt may be subject to personal reimbursement by the cardholder.  Repeated missing receipts will result in the suspension of cardholder privileges and/or permanent cancellation of the card. 

Travel Expenses

All travel expenses made with the PCard are governed by the University's Travel and Other Expense Policy.  Documentation of business purpose should include dates of travel, destination, and purpose of travel.  If all charges on a voucher apply to one trip, indicate required detail once in the "Message to AP" field on your voucher.  An itinerary is an acceptable form of documented business purpose for reconciliation purposes. 

Business Meals

A detailed itemized receipt is required for all business meals greater than $20, unless lower threshold limits apply by departments.  For most meals, both the credit card summary receipt, as well as an itemized receipt listing items ordered, should be submitted.  In addition, all business meals require a documented business purpose, including names of attendees if fewer than 10.  Any purchase of alcohol must be accounted for separately using Account 84535.  

Disputing a Transaction/Unauthorized Charges

The cardholder is responsible for reporting and following up with a vendor for any erroneous charges, defective merchandise, incorrect amounts, sales tax charges, non-U.S. vendors, duplicate charges, credits not processed, etc.  The cardholder should first contact the vendor to resolve any outstanding issues.  If successful, obtain a written confirmation of the credit from the vendor.  A credit should be received from the supplier within 30 days of the purchase.  If a credit is not received from the vendor within 30 days, the cardholder should formally dispute the purchase by contacting MasterCard customer service at 1-800-316-6056.  Credits will appear within 60 days of the dispute process. 

All unauthorized/fraudulent charges must be reported to customer service at 1-800-316-6056.  Have your account number and basic transaction information (vendor, dollar amount) ready.  JPMorgan requires cardholders to report a dispute within 60 days of the transaction date.  Any charges in dispute not reported to JPMorgan more than 60 days from the transaction date will have no recourse for restitution. 

Returning an Item

Items should be returned directly to the vendor by whichever means the vendor requires.  It is the cardholder's responsibility to determine that proper credit is posted for any returned item.  

Cardholders may not receive cash back or in-store credits for any refunds or exchanges of items.  Such amounts must be credited back to the PCard account.  If a supplier mistakenly issues a refund check, funds must be submitted to the Finance Office with five (5) business days of receipt by the cardholder. 


Payments to Foreign Suppliers

Payments to Foreign Suppliers via PCard must follow the same processes as payments made by check, direct deposit, wire, or cash advance.  Cardholders must contact International Compensation and Taxation (ICT) at ict@wesleyan.edu or Christine Rodrigue at x3502 before processing a PCard payment to a Foreign Person/Supplier. 

A Foreign Person/Supplier is:

  • a non-resident alien individual
  • foreign entity
  • foreign corporation
  • foreign partnership
  • foreign trust
  • foreign estate
  • any other person that is not a U.S. person

ICT monitors and approves payments to Foreign Persons, or for the benefit of Foreign Persons, for compliance with federal tax withholding regulations and applies the appropriate withholding and reporting to such payments. 

Types of purchases from Foreign Suppliers that are subject to U.S. taxation include, but are not limited to:

  • "Right to Use" Intellectual Property/Royalty
    • Music
    • Images
    • Text/Articles
    • Software licenses
  • Cloud storage
  • Services performed in the U.S. 

For instructions about how to pay a Foreign Supplier, see the New Supplier Setup Procedures.  


All cardholders with purchasing activity during a given billing cycle ending on the 20th of each month are required to reconcile or arrange for the reconciliation of their PCard voucher.  Reconciling a PCard voucher requires attaching supporting documentation in the form of itemized receipts/invoices, providing a description of the business purpose, and editing Smartkeys/Accounts, if necessary.  All expense documentation  and approvals are electronic in WFS.  All PCard vouchers must be reconciled and submitted with 30 days after the close of each billing cycle.  Failure to do so will result in the suspension or permanent cancellation of your card

Reviewing your current charges in WFS (Optional, Required for POs)

Users may view current PCard transactions in WFS by navigating to purchasing>procurement cards>reconcile>reconcile statement.  Click on your name and any charges that have posted this billing cycle will appear.  Users can view current transactions, edit Smartkey/Accounts, indicate business purpose, and relate POs to PCard transactions on this page. 

Submitting your PCard voucher (Required if charges exist)

PCard vouchers are normally created two business days after the 20th of each month.  All cardholders and users are notified by email when PCard vouchers are available.  Users can search for the PCard voucher in WFS.  If activity did not post during a given billing cycle, a voucher will not be created nor a reconciliation due. 

Complete reconciliation include:

  • reviewing and verifying all charges on the voucher were authorized
  • attached valid itemized receipts/invoices to support all charges on the voucher 
  • provide business purpose for all charges or group all charges on the voucher 
  • business purpose for travel charges should include destination, travel dates, purpose of travel 
  • edit Smartkeys/Accounts if necessary prior to submitting the voucher
  • verify all pending credits were properly applied
  • identify any disputed charges on the voucher and note action taken 
  • Identify any unauthorized charges on the voucher and note action taken (unauthorized charges must immediately be reported to JPMorgan at 1-800-316-6056)

When submitting you PCard voucher, the cardholder is acknowledging that all charges were authorized and made for the sole benefit of the University.  If a user other than the cardholder submits a PCard voucher, the cardholder must be inserted as a WFS approver to document cardholder review. 

All PCard vouchers are routed for approval based on Smarkeys used.  A cardholder cannot approve his/her own PCard voucher.  Please review workflow and insert appropriate approver if necessary. 

Smartkey Reallocation

All charges on a PCard voucher will default to the cardholder's designated Smartkey identified at the time of application.  All charges default to an account based on the vendor used.  Smartkeys and Accounts may be edited prior to submitting a PCard voucher.  For Smartkeys outside a user's security, a reallocation request can be forwarded to the department's Fiscal Manager or pcardhelp@wesleyan.edu


Immediately report cards Lost/Stolen by calling JPMorgan customer service at 1-800-316-6056.  Cardholder must also contact the PCard Administrator, Accounts Payable, as soon as possible by email at pcardhelp@wesleyan.edu


Wesleyan University may suspend or cancel cardholder privileges at any time for any reason.  The cardholder will surrender the card upon request, to any authorized agent of Wesleyan.  Use of the card or account after notice of its cancellation may be fraudulent and may cause the University to take legal action against the cardholder. 

Cancellation of the card may result from:

  • voluntary/involuntary employment termination
  • card inactivity
  • employee transfer to another department
  • unauthorized charges
  • card misuse/abuse

Voluntary Termination

Employees terminating employment must notify the Finance Office as soon as possible prior to leaving the University.  PCards for such terminating employees will be canceled within 10 working days prior to termination date.  All outstanding statement and receipts must be submitted to the supervisor or forwarded to the Finance Office prior to termination.  After the cards is closed, the card must be cut in half and forwarded to the cardholder's statement sign-off supervisor or to the Finance Office

Involuntary Termination

In the event of an involuntary termination, individuals with budget responsibility for the default account used on PCards must immediately notify the Finance Office and take possession of the card. 

Move to Another Department

In the event a cardholder transfers to another department within Wesleyan University, please contact the PCard Program Administrator to make any necessary updates to the card. 

Card Misuse/Abuse

The card is a privilege representing the University's trust in your to use University funds to obtain goods and services for the benefit of the University.  Personal purchases may not be made with the card.  The rights and privileges of the card cannot be transferred, assigned, or used by anyone other than the cardholder.  As the cardholder, you assume the responsibility for the protection and proper use of the PCard. 

Misuse of the PCard include but are not limited to

  • lack of proper and timely reconciliation of individual cardholder account
  • splitting an order to avoid single-purchase limit
  • use of the card for items restricted by purchasing and travel policies

Abuse of the card include but are not limited to

  • personal charges
  • assignment or transfer of an individual card to another person
  • use by a suspended or terminated employee

Improper use of the card will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.  In cases of cardholder abuse, the University reserves the right to deduct from amounts payable to the employee, including regularly pay, an amount equal to the total of the improper purchases. 

The Finance Office may suspend or cancel the card at any time for any reason.  The cardholder will surrender the card upon request, to any authorized agent of Wesleyan.  Use of the card or account after notice of its cancellation may be fraudulent and may cause Wesleyan University to take legal action against the cardholder. 


PCards expire every two years on the last day of the month embossed on the front of the card (expiration date).  Renewal cards are automatically mailed to the Finance Office within three weeks prior to the expiration date.  The cardholder will be notified when renewal cards arrive at the Finance Office. 


To ensure the success of the PCard Program and to meet the audit and tax requirements of Wesleyan and various government agencies, the Finance Office will perform periodic audits to verify that items purchased have been received and that policies and procedures are being followed.  Failure to meet audit standards will result in the loss of PCard privileges. 


Comply with all applicable Wesleyan Procurement and Travel Policies. Be correctly identified and listed on the Wesleyan PCard Program Application as the manager/supervisor of the cardholder. 
Maintain security of the card and corresponding account number. PCards are never to be shared among staff, faculty or students.  Ensure cardholder purchases are authorized, reasonable, appropriate and cost effective. 
Retain all itemized receipts/invoices for purchases made with the PCard.  Ensure proper receipt of products and services ordered with the PCard. Reallocate charges via SDOL, if necessary. 
Receive and reconcile monthly PCard statement from JPMorgan.  Verify the accuracy of all transactions and attach proper original documentation, including receipts, packing slips, invoices, and any other required corresponding documents to the statement.  Sign the statement and forward to manager/supervisor for review and signature Review and sign the monthly cardholder statement ensuring that each transaction is properly documented with the appropriate receipt, invoice, or packing slip.  Also, ensure that prohibited items have not been purchased. 
Resolve delivery and credit disputes with supplier.  Contact JPMorgan if unresolved within 30 days.  Communicate with cardholder to ensure that monthly reconciliation processes are met in a timely manner. 
Contact JPMorgan immediately if card is lost or stolen.  Also contact the Program Administrator.
Contact the Program Administrator and return the card when the cardholder resigns, terminates or moves from one department to another.  Collect PCard when cardholder resigns, terminates or moves from one department to another.  The PCard would then be forwarded to the Program Administrator for cancellation.  



JPMorgan Chase 
Customer Service

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Christine Rodrigue
International Compensation and Taxation
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